From the mind of Kenny (Kenny&Spenny)...TESTEES.

Testees- Totally absurd, totally gross, and yet delightful.

…if not even accurate, from certain points of view.

This show is a bit quirky and disgusting, but I wouldn’t expect any less from my second favorite Canadian. Seriously, he’s like the gay Adam Corolla.

I’ve watched every episode so far, mainly just so i can watch the repeat of its always Sunny in Philadelphia right after. The last episode with the bathroom restaurant and the vaccuum cleaner was quite funny, the others were pretty meh though.

Well, unfortunately I don’t expect to see it past this season. It’s history and cult series in the making.

I think it’s funny and the Director and Production Crew must have a ball setting up scenes… Prop comedy is back.

I watch this show just because it’s on after Always Sunny but I think it’s god-awful. The first three episodes were basically the exact same thing and the vacuum one wasn’t any better.