Anyone watching Kenny vs. Spenny?

Found this show recently as a TiVo suggestion, and now my fiancee and I can’t get enough. It’s fantastic!

For those that don’t know, it’s on GSN and it’s apparently a Canadian show, in which two best friends compete against each other in incredibly juvenile ways, the loser having to undergo “humiliation.” Spenny is the lovable, earnest guy and Kenny is the despicable cheater.

Last night we caught “Who can make the most money in three days?” which was probably the best episode yet. Poor Spenny drudges through menial labor while Kenny thinks outside the box and rakes in the dough, and then just when you think Spenny is totally beaten… the impossible happens. Man, I love this show.

Anyone else watching?

I’ve seen all but two episodes. I love the show!

Kenny is such a scumbag! Like the time when Kenny called the members of Spenny’s band, telling them that it was canceled. So when the music contest was on, Kenny had a ton of kids sing some sappy song and Spenny was forced to sing parts of his song and describe what his bit was going to be like, had Kenny not gotten rid of his band. That was the lowest of the low, I think.

Although there are times when I think that Spenny deserves it for being so gullible.

Like so many other shows, I don’t seek it out but if it’s on and I’m around and there’s nothing better on I’ll watch it.

That Kenny’s a total bastard.

Great show. Kenny is such a bastard I just love to hate him.

Is it scripted or is it a ‘reality’ show?

YES! It’s one of my current obsessions - it completely justifies the entire reality show craze! I always wondered why nobody anywhere seemed to be talking about this show. It’s so relevant to life too; seeing first hand whether order and principal will fare well against chaos and boundless ambition.

It certainly seems ‘real’, but I’m not so sure. I have the feeling that maybe Kenny & Spenny work together on brainstorming some of each other’s ideas, but I hope that’s not the case, and that it is what it seems to be. Occaisionally I get the feeling like, “There’s no way Spenny would fall for that.” But maybe he’s just that gullible, or is editted to seem so. Who knows?