From the mouths of babes - you learn something new everyday.

A couple of weeks ago I took Little Gaffer #2 (age 3) to the bathroom at the local pizza parlor. As we walked down the hallway I asked him:

“Which one is for the boys and which one is for the girls?”

He pointed to the correct door and said “That one.”

Not that this feat was particularly astounding or anything but I asked him how he knew, thinking that maybe recognized the skirt on the lady figure or something. However, he responded with:

“That one is a triangle (on the men’s door) and that one is a circle (on the women’s door) and boys go in where the triangle is!”

Well, that was great and I didn’t think too much about it (actually I was just excited that LG #2 had decided to go pee in the bathroom and not in the flowerbed in front of the pizza parlor).

The next day…

I’m at work and as I walk into the restroom I notice that the men’s bathroom sign is on a…you guessed it…triangle. So I glance down the hallway and sure enough the women’s is on a circle. Now, two examples does not a pattern make so I had to do some further research.

Yesterday on my way home I checked the bathrooms at Vons and Orchard Supply. Sure enough, triangles and circles.

Now, I am in my early 30s and I have probably pissed in thousands of public restrooms in my life. I have NEVER, in my life, noticed that men and boys go in the triangle and girls and women go in the circle.

Now I’m starting to look around me to try and see what else I’ve missed all of these years…


I think it’s for when aliens finally land and join our society (a la Alien Nation) and the figures of male and female mean nothing to them.

Or not. :smiley:

Women and Men

I never noticed either.

Huh…I just checked here at our office. Yup, same setup.

I guess this falls into the category of “standards we’re not telling anyone about”.

Has anyone noticed the “weight” difference between the man and the woman on the signs? The guy looks average. The gal definately looks…bulky. I’m amazed no-one has complained about this yet! :smiley:

no it’s just outfit she’s wearing makes her look that way. :smiley:

I’m a little disturbed that others didn’t notice this fundamental part of the bathroom process.

FilmGeek - will males then be referred to as something like “interior angle sums = 180 degrees” and females will all be classified as “pi radius squared?”

In any case, she isn’t “bulky”, she’s just big-boned.
This just in…apparently the paper next to the toilet isn’t just for blowing your nose. Will wonders never cease.