That's Supposed To Convey "Unisex"?

There I was, happily holding my new nephew, when I realized – I had to pee.

Now, if you’ve never been in a new mother’s hospital room, one rule you should know: Don’t use the private bathroom. In fact, don’t even look in the private bathroom. They’re probably measuring the amount of bleeding she’s doing when she pees, so there is a good chance there is a collection bucket in the toilet full of all kinds of stuff that you generally expect to stay inside the body.

Knowing this, however, I set off to find the public restroom. I follow the “Restrooms —>” sign until I come across a bathroom. I glance at the sign, think “ok, unisex”, and then do a double-take.

Waitaminute…does this sign really mean “unisex”? I was frozen with indecision. I mean, the figure on the right is obviously female (or at least self-identifies that way). She’s wearing a triangle, which is universal code for “skirt” (funny thing, though, how rarely you actually see triangular skirts in real life).

The figure on the left, however…beats the hell out of me. When I just glanced, I thought “Ok, guy in a suit and tie”. Upon closer examination, however, well…I just have no fricking clue. His hair is longer than the woman’s, and while any picture of me from earlier than 2002 will show that I have no problem with that, it’s still an odd thing to see on a sign like this. Plus, he’s wearing shorts. The hell?

I wound up using that bathroom, but now that I’m really examining the pic while writing this, I’m not sure if I was supposed to. Put it all together – the long hair, the suit and tie and the shorts, and it all becomes obvious: it’s a bathroom for women, and Angus Young.

I think in case someone from the opposite sex is in there, you must first put a bag over your head.

It’s obviously for wheelchair-bound lesbians with mailboxes on their heads. Duh!

I wonder why they gave them feet, but no hands?

I would have thought it was a family bathroom, because of the profile of Little Lord Fauntleroy, but LLF is as tall as his nanny???

I can’t help but think of Buster Brown.

I picture Mary Pickford buying ginormous furniture…

Evidently these bathrooms can only be used by aliens from the Harryhausen movie Earth vs. the Flying Saucers:

My thoughts exactly.

I think I found the model for LLF’s outfit. (Yes, that is a boy’s ensemble from the 1800s.)

It appears to be radioactive lesbians with mailboxes on their heads. Either that or lesbians with triangular boobs.

That sign indicates to me that it’s a restroom for chicks and these guys…

I don’t know how to do the cute links like y’all do.

Took me a while to figure it out too, but it’s really easy. Cute link! is readily done by starting out with [ url=link to what you want]how you want the text to read[ /url] (remove the leading spaces to make it work, I put them in so it would show better)

It’s obviously a restroom for women, handicapped persons, and very tall Japanese schoolgirls.

Well, FWIW, five minutes on Google Image search later, it’s definitely a “Unisex Restroom” sign (male, female, and wheelchair), so you can relax: you were peeing in the right place. “Family Restroom” has a male, female, and child in between them.

But lord, what a gonzo version. :eek: My guess is going to be that the hospital director’s nephew is a graphic arts major.

A sophomore.

I always just use the “Insert Hyperlink” button on the reply to thread page. Its just faster then typing all that code.

Bathrooms are pretty social. I rarely see them hanging out by itself, except for the creepy ones in the park (stay away from those ones, they like to molest your nose.)

So if there was not another one near by, I would say, yes, it was a unisex bathroom.

That woman has a fat right leg. The left leg looks “normal.”

Based on the clothing, I figure it’s a Women With Phlebitis, Handicapped, and Little Boys Bathroom. No men or little girls allowed.

Why couldn’t they use a circle for the head? Since when does “tunnel entrance” signify cranium?

Antinor01 and CoG888, thanks for the info.

Hal , congrats on the new nephew.

I’m pretty sure my father was strapped into something like that. In the mid-1940s. :eek: That explains a lot.

What I don’t get is why you would come up with something different from these folks. Pretty direct/easy to figure out, don’t you think?

It would seem that the woman on the sign is radioactive. :eek: