fRoM zErO threads?

Where are the fRoM zErO threads? I know that they were spam BIG time, and that one was locked forthwith (MPSIMS?) but the other one lived on (for a few hours at least) over in IMHO (IIRC). I knew it would be a matter of time until they were stopped, but (call me wacky) I love to read moderator notes when they chop threads. Some of them are just a hoot.

Anyway, when I got to work yesterday, I did a search on them (and a visual scan) and they were gone. GONE. Not locked and slipping to page 3 or anything, GONE.


(jes curious)


To expand on UncleBeer’s answer…deleted with extreme prejudice.

Ooh, Lynn, I love it when you talk sexy like that. :wink:

Actually, I hear that they save all the old deleted threads in a special file, and when they have enough, they’re going to put them all in a book titled “What NOT to do”.

If that were the case, Volume 12 would hit the shelves next week, Spoofe.