Tried to reply but not allowed, and THEN the thread disappeared!

I just tried to post a reply to a thread in MPSIMS, (started by RawISsydney) and was informed by the board that I had no right of access even though I WAS logged in etc. Then when I tried to go back into MPSIMS to have another go, the thread has DISAPPEARED.
Totally vanished.
Without even a puff of smoke.
So WTF happened here Mods?

The thread was removed because the OP was a banned poster whose status got reset because of the hack.

Thanks Coldfire…that’s what I wanted to enquire about in my post actually…how come dweebs who are banned are allowed back on the boards. However, it seems that Mr/Ms Raw is posting anyway into different threads. And how come he/she has managed to accumulate so many posts without being seen??

See above. This poster accumulated nearly 200 posts, and then got banned (for reasons I don’t recall off the top of my head). His status reverted to “member” because of the lost data during the hack, and he found out he could post again. And we found out we could ban him again.

My guess is that the time difference accounts for the delay kambuckta. Late afternoon here is the wee small hours of the morning in the US - not the most likely time for admins to be checking their email.


Now that the question has been answered, I’ll close this thread, because this kind of subject tends to attract (surprise!) more banned posters.

Well, what are you waiting for, Noodles? :slight_smile: