Frozen computer?

Has anyone else’s computer frozen on the front page of the Straight Dope? For about the last week, mine has before it even finishes loading. I’m using Windows 98 and Internet Explorer 5, and nothing has changed on my system in at least a month.

I mean totally frozen, requiring a hard reboot.

try turning off all java
and extra options and see if that works

or try reinstalling ie5

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Mine does that a lot, so I have to use Netscape. What kind of computer is it? Mine’s an IBM and it does that a lot. Well my old one at least my new one hasn’t. Is AOL installed? AOL did it a lot for me as well. Could be the IE integration.

More RAM fixed mine. I’m getting even more.

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I looked at the source for the front page, and it’s all straight HTML. No java, no javascript, no activeX, no vbscript, no plugins, nothing.

While it could be some hitherto undiscovered bug in Windows (imagine that), I’m lost. My machine is a Dell Dimension 450, with 128 MBs of RAM. I rebuilt it from the partitions up a couple months ago, and it’s been remarkably stable since; I’ve left it running without restart for weeks, doing my normal surfing and such.

Aside from text, did anything on the front page change within the last week?

I looked at it, its made with Front Page 3.0,
and has several CGI script references [ that could do it]…plus that ad at the top, 176k for size, way too big.

You probably need to reinstall the browser but try turning the computer off and then on and see if it can flush any annoying cache stuff.

I really, really hated IE5, and went back to IE4.

It kept crashing when I tried using the Favorites menu from the Start Menu.

I couldn’t figure out how to get it to automatically appear maximized.

You can’t move or delete a number of “Favorites” at one time; you must do it one-by-one in IE5’s “Organize” dialog box.

Three strikes…it’s out!

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For what it’s worth, I did have trouble with the home page yesterday. (Slug’s drawing would only half load one time and not at all on refresh). I think we are experiencing some server glitches and will transfer this to About This Message Board and alert our humble TubaDiva.

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