Frozen fix-a-flat fine?

We had some fix-a-flat on the patio. I don’t know why, but it’s been there a while. It hasn’t gotten above freezing all week, and it was freezing for a couple of weeks a couple of months ago. When the SO discovered the can, it was frozen solid – and it has probably been frozen more than once.

I brought it into the house and it’s thawed now. But is it still good? The SO says we should throw it out because she thinks freezing may have damaged the contents. I didn’t see warnings about letting the can freeze. So did freezing somehow change the characteristics of the ingredients? Or is it perfectly usable?

go to the company website, they may have more detail than on the can.

Given that the stuff is meant to ride around in the trunk of your car, I’d think it’d be pretty useless if you couldn’t freeze it. They sell it in places like Minnesota, after all!

The FAQ on their website says it’ll be okay after it thaws, although interestingly you’re apparently not supposed to run the tire with the stuff in it if it gets below freezing:

Perfect. Thanks! :slight_smile: