Fruit Roll-ups?!?!

Oh my god…

Ever since I’ve made it back to the US I’ve been gorging on things I haven’t had the chance to have in the last 4 years or so. Today I bought a pack of fruit roll-ups. Now I realize how these guys work.

They realize that their main customers are kids, and if they change the recipe then the only ones who’ll complain are the kids and who are they to care?

Well, I haven’t had fruit rollups in about 7 years probably. Maybe less, but the point is that I had some today and I was severely disappointed.

You know what they tasted like? Fruit by the foot. I remember trying fruit by-the-foot when it came out and not liking it. I don’t know why, I think because it didn’t have real fruit flavor. Well that’s what strawberry fruit roll-ups taste like now.
And you know how I know? It’s more translucent, less red than before, and doesn’t have seeds! I remember fruit roll-ups having strawberry seeds in them. Now they don’t! I’m feeling completely betrayed right now.

Look, I know that the original fruit roll-ups weren’t 100 natural, but at least they were some part natural. The seeds were natural at least. Now…I don’t know…I’m thoroughly sad about this…

I may be wrong, but I don’t remember fruit rollups having seeds in the early 90s, which is the last time I had some.

Aye. It seems they don’t make fruit roll ups like they used to. I to remember the strawberry seeded roll ups and they did taste a lot better back then than they do now. I don’t remember any specifics about brand/flavor/years though.

Fruit leather is pretty straightforward to make at home. I had a friend in elementary school whose family grew their own apricots and then made fruit leather; she would share it on the bus. Man that stuff was heavenly.

There’s a kosher version still widely sold that we all loved in Hebrew school. My favorite was the apricot.

Home made stuff from locally grown trees sounds absolutely wonderful.

I just saw some fruit leather when my friend stopped at a Smoothie King yesterday (smoothie and health supplement place). I was intrigued but we were in a hurry.

Fruit Roll Ups shouldn’t even have the word fruit in the name. I think they’re good, in a sugar-coma like way, but they seem to be all sugar and no fruit.

Kashi produces a line of fruit snacks called Fruita-Bu. They are 100% fruit. They do come in strawberry. You may want to look into that.