I love fruitcake! I don't care who knows!

I love Christmas fruitcakes. The fruitcakes that substitute soaked raisins and other reconstituted dried fruits for the candied fruits are okay, but everyone knows they’re just wishing they could be the real thing. Give me fruitcake and I’ll be happy.

Plum pudding with hard sauce is awesome, too, but I can live without mincemeat.

A couple of years ago I saw a recipe for bread pudding made from fruitcake, and even though I loathe fruitcake I love bread pudding. I seriously considered buying a fruitcake to try the recipe out. But no, I…I…I just couldn’t do it, no…I would be forever ashamed that I bought such an abomination, regardless of how the bread pudding turned out.

What if someone saw me? :eek: Sure, I could probably manage a weak stammer that I needed a new doorstop, but then I’d actually have to use it as a doorstop. Think of the toe-stubbing possibilities! :eek: My God, man, won’t someone please think of the toes!

My grandmother’s fruitcake is the Fruitcake of the Gods. It soaks in booze for a month or more before eating and it tastes like something King Arthur would have served. The Elves were only eating Lembas because they’d run out of grandma’s fruitcake.

Bread pudding made from fruitcake? That’s an irresistable force meeting an immovable object! My brain is going to implode and explode all at the same time!

From Wikipedia:

Maybe lembas is fruitcake.

Band name? Errr…naw, never mind. That aside though, anything soaked in booze for a month can’t be all bad, can it?

There was once a wonderful department store in Seattle named Fredrick & Nelson’s. They made Frangos. At Christmas time, they made Frangos Fruitcake. SOoooooOOOoooo yummy. I miss F&N. :frowning:

I… I think I’m in love.

I love fruitcake also, but despise the damn NUTS everyone puts into them. Ruins a perfectly good cake with wood chips and acorns. Bleh. Finally went so far as to make 'em myself (though no time to do it this year). Mmmmm. It’s the post-baking soaking that translates a doorstop into “gimme, gimme, GIMME!!”.

I don’t care much for the nuts, either, but I’ll put up with them to get at the fruitcake.

I’m still trying to wrap my mind around a fruitcake-bread pudding. I don’t think my mind is big enough.

Although MPSIMS is where we talk about doorstops, Cafe Society is where we talk about food. I’m going to give fruitcake the benefit of the doubt and move this to Cafe Society.

twicks, MPSIMS mod, who doesn’t care for fruitcake per se, but who makes these Christmas cookies with fruitcake fruit that are so frigging good

I like fruitcake, but I am allergic to pecans. Walnuts are good. I also do not care for alcohol really, and brandy/cognac makes me sick. So I treasure my uncle’s recipe which has none of the above. It’s a delicious recipe that he wrote out by hand for me despite being totally blind. I miss him so.

There’s a group of monks who operate a jam-and-fruitcake business a few hours north of where I live. Here they are - the Jampot. Incredibly amazing fruitcakes.

Now I’m mad I didn’t order some for Christmas. I guess I will console myself with the rumballs I made last night.

Hey Athena, I might know those monks. My husband went to Michigan Tech (go Huskies!) and we bought some “rum moistened” bread from some monks in the UP. Ha - moistened, indeed. It’s still shocking to me that we didn’t get drunk off just the fumes. It was more like, “would you like some bread with your rum,” rather. Good, though.

I love fruitcake. Cheap fruitcake from the grocery store, expensive fruitcake from Harry and David, I don’t care. Everyone in my family loves fruitcake. One of my fondest memories of my grandma is the 2 of us at the kitchen table, eating fruitcake and drinking tea.

The candied cherries on top are the best part.

I don’t like those fruitcakes that you buy in the store but they may be the only “food” left after nuclear armeggedon if the roaches refuse to eat them then at least the earth will finally be rid of them.

I do like the fruitcake my mother made when I was a kid, it was basically a quick bread with fruit but I preferred the quick bread with just dates and nuts so mom drpped the fruitcake in favor of the date-nut loaf.

Another fruitcake fan here. I remember one year I was at a store shortly after Christmas and they had a stack of fruitcakes in their “reduced and discontinued” section. I stocked up and threw a few of them in the freezer for later.

I, too, love all fruitcake. Otherwise, I’m really quite discerning in my tastes. Really!

Most of my family likes fruitcake. My mother and I are the ones who make it.

The original recipe came from a newspaper in Buffalo, New York, sometime in the 1940’s. The only thing we have changed is to substitute pecans for the almonds. It has no alcohol either.

I was in the grocery store the other day, in the baking aisle, and passed an old lady leaning tiredly her cart. She was talking on a cell phone, but she had an “old lady hat” and an “old lady coat” on, if you can picture what I mean. She just looked like she stepped out of 1946.

Anyway, I noticed her and she made me further notice her by mentioning to the person on the other end of the phone that she was buying ingredients " to make a fruitcake for Doris."

Straight out of a cliche. I love it!

I’ll eat it, washed down with eggnog, of course. There used to be a cellophane sealed, commercially made, light-colored bar of fruitcake sold in the grocery store - maybe the Collins Street Bakery made it? It was far superior to any other baked goods during the Christmas season, I haven’t seen it in years though.