I Have an Awful Confession....

that I must share with you all. It is truly horrific in some people’s opinion but, really, there is nothing more I can do about it.
I like fruitcake. That ridiculously dense, rum soaked, fruity bitted stuff everyone makes fun of? Love it. German Stollen dusted with icing sugar and containing a heady blast of marzipan in the centre? Give me more! Even the Crosse and Blackwell canned stuff I will readily snarf down with a nice cuppa Typhoo.

Except Panettone. That stuff is the Devil’s Dessert, along with Durian fruit. I’ve never met a panettone I’ve liked yet and still, I should love it as I like the ingredients, but No. It sucks.

What say you, Dopers? Will you at last be free of this heady shame and admit, you too, like christmas cakes?

Oh, bring it on and don’t spare the egg nog! Madame P. even orders me fruitcakes for Valentines Day. Stollen (and mincemeat pie and other Christmas goodies) are all right, but fruitcake is the sine qua non.

Oh yes, I love fruitcake. The very dense, rum-soaked kind. The cheap, bought-at-a-convenience-store-by-a-gas-station, dry and crumbly kind. Any kind, except the ones with too many nuts and not enough fruit. I want to know if the fruitcake in a can is available in the US?

I also love mince pie. Walker, the shortcake folks, make some seriously good little tiny mince pies (which have hundreds of calories, but never mind). If you are near a Cost Plus World Market, check it out. Especially the ones with cranberries and oranges.

Anyone else? We can form a club.

A co-worker brought some of the Walkers mince pies to work last week. I had a couple and they were really nice.

I never cared much for the big, tinned fruitcakes, but around this time of year I may buy one of the smaller, rectangular-shaped ones if I see them at the store. I’ve tried Panettone, but it’s just too dry a cake for me.

I started making mince tarts last Christmas season and really like them. Fruitcake has to be just right, or I’m not happy with it.

Nope. I ain’t fessin’ up to nothing.:slight_smile:

I like fruit cake that is getting a little stale.

Wait. I though all fruit cakes were re-gifted each year. You mean one actually gets eaten? That throws-off the whole space/time continuum.

Heh. I started to post that I hate fruitcake, but then I realized I haven’t tasted any in maybe 40 years. I’m not tempted to try again anytime soon, either.

I don’t know which company makes them, but I like the long small ones, that are maybe 2" by 2" and about 6" long. Those are good, I buy those in after christmas sales.

I don’t know if it is this brand, but the ones shaped like this are good.


I had an aunt who made them, not with rum, but with copious amounts of Jim Beam. It may have been just as much Jim Beam as it was cake, which fruit and nuts for ballast. I never cared for the candied fruit all that much, but the whiskey cake was lovely.

Claxton Fruitcakes?

I love these things. Mrs. SMV buys me one every Christmas, and I’ll stick it in the freezer and cut slices off. I know most people think they’re disgusting, but I could eat them by the pound.

Panettone is not exactly a fruitcake, IMNSHO.
that being said, I love Christmas fruitcake, the liquor soaked ones and the cheap bar shaped ones at Dollar General Store alike.

Sweet chewy fruity goodness.

They’re probably claxton. I buy them at walmart after christmas. I don’t know if walmart carries any other brands shaped like that.

You know about Collins St. Bakery in Corsicana, right?

I sold them door-to-door in the 5th grade for a fundraiser…that was fun (no, it wasn’t). Tastewise, I don’t like jellied fruit, so I’m pretty much a non-fruitcake eater.

I don’t like fruitcake, but I have a nostalgic fondness for my mother’s mincemeat cookies.

Love them, make them.

Make my own fruit mince for my Xmas mince pies, too, that way I can get more peel and different fruits and boozes in there. The whisky-sultana-cranberry-tangerine peel one is especially good.

::relieved, after seeing OP title, that the thread wasn’t about Gritty:::o

Not a huge fruticake booster, but for some reason I can divide folks I know into two camps: those who think that Dalton fruit cubes are perfectly ok, and others who think they’re vile, gross and must be stopped at all costs.

The desert+booze thing, in general, never flew with this bird either.

Well, booze is dehydrating, so not the best thing to drink in the desert.

Boozy desserts, on the other hand, are the best - Crêpes Suzette, Bananas Foster,* bombe Alaska*, baba au rhum, proper Christmas pud, proper trifle, tipsy tart - love them all.
What’s a “Dalton fruit cube”, though?