I promise I’ve exhausted all other avenues of inquiry, and come up empty-handed.
On another message board a poster offers a recipe that calls for a batter mix called FryCrisp. He claims that there’s no acceptable substitute, and that he gets it “at the store”. So I come to you, o banishers of ignorance, for enlightenment.
I live in northern (okay, actually central) California. Berkeley to be specific. Anyone know where this product is available? Online will do. I’m on a mission.

Could this be what you’re looking for?

Sheesh, I’ll never learn. “K” instead of “C”.
This senile old fart thanks you. :wink:

I hope you are not breading the results of one of your previos famous pan fried experiments.

I am still scarred by “millions of tiny screams”

Well, yeah.
Actually, it muffles the screams. That bothered me too. :stuck_out_tongue: