Listen, KFC, you're not fooling anyone. "Kitchen Fresh Chicken?"

Okay, KFC, this is going to hurt me almost as much as it hurts you.

While it’s long since been debunked that KFC changed their name from Kentucky Fried Chicken due to concerns about fried things being bad for you, the latest trend seems to indicate that the erstwhile-named KFC is at least thinking about putting a different spin on their wares.

And I, for one, call shenanigans.

I’m not even going to touch on the technically-legal but still slightly creepy way you turned your dead spokesman into an X-Treme sports-loving cartoon character. Hey, the poor guy’s been in the ground for ages – it’s not as if he’s around to object. (But come on, what’s next – a little cartoon Dave Thomas?)

For those that haven’t heard, KFC’s new spin on their artery-clogging goodness is to convince people that KFC actually stands for “kitchen fresh chicken.” :rolleyes:

I think that deserves another :rolleyes:, actually.

Calling it “kitchen fresh chicken?” Are you seriously trying to convince the chicken-buying public that not ONLY were you NEVER Kentucky Fried Chicken, but ALSO that your chicken is any less procured, processed and prepared than the other fast-food chicken franchises?

I call bullshit, you beak-felching, grease-trap monkeys. Unless I see some evidence that your workers are at very least prepping your chicken, instead of simply shoving pre-prepared pieces into your frybox, you are lying to the American people. Yes, lying – which is SOOOOO unlike you.

Unless we’ve already forgotten your recent claims that KFC is somehow healthy for the public, which even a developmentally disabled Appalachian coonhound knows ain’t true. You peddle grease-covered fried chicken, for shit’s sake. I’m going to need at least a pie chart or SOMETHING to back THAT particular claim.

I hated to pit you like this, KFC, because you and I have had some good times together. But let’s not forget where we came from, shall we?

“Kitchen Fresh Chicken” indeed. :rolleyes:

I hope the Colonel bitchslaps you marketing morons in the afterlife.

They changed to KFC what, 13 years ago? You were supposed to have forgotten that whole “fried” thing by now.

Unfortunately, they could call it Kentucky Fried Coronary and I’d still eat the damn stuff. I’m afraid that when I kick the bucket it will, undoubtably, be theirs.

If they changed to just KFC 13 years ago, I was 8 when it happened.

I still call it Kentucky Fried Chicken. Everyone I know does. Well, it’s either “Hey, he got Kentucky Fried” or, “Hey, he got Kentuckehfrychick’n” (sounds like all one word).

I guess KFC’s nefarious marketing scheme didn’t work on Metro Detroit. Hell, we still call Marshall Field’s “Hudson’s” ( :: sniff :: :() and occasionally Rite Aid is still Perry Drugs. Stuck in our ways, we are.

I can remember the year (1991) because I was working in the newsroom at the local paper when we got the Press Release about the change. They sent tons of Press Packages to newsrooms around the nation about it.

<hijack> zweisamkeit When I lived in Detroit, there used to be a really cool store around the block form Hudson’s called Emily’s Accross the Street. Is it still there?


Oh, I’m not challenging what you said! More like being amazed that I still call it “Kentucky Fried Chicken” even when it’s been “KFC” for most of my marketing-awareness years.

I call it “Colonel Chicken” and I love it. I know it’s bad for me, but I still eat it about once a month. We do a take-out dinner with the in-laws every week, and it comes up in the rotation. Which is worse, Burger King or KFC?

Well, the stuff really and truly for the love of Pete **ISN’T FRIED. THEY DON’T FRY IT. **

It’s cooked in a pressure cooker and as far as I know isn’t particularly bad for you or your arteries.
Mind you, I cook real fried chicken in a cast iron frying pan. Deep fat fry it in hot vegetable oil, to be precise. And I don’t believe this is particularly bad for you either (it’s polyunsaturated oil, not hog lard, after all).

But KFC ain’t fried chicken, never was, never has been, and probably never will be.

Mmmmm. Pie.

No worries. I just used the opporuntity for a personal ancedote that was on-topic for a change. :smiley:

They use preassure cookers, but they fry in them. LinketyLink.

And just where does all that grease come from? Fried in a deep fryer or fried in a pressure cooker, there is still a whole lot of oil involved.

But remember, KFC is health food because it is low in carbs.

I didn’t know that. However, the dispute in question was never that KFC was or wasn’t fried. Just that it’s not, never was, never has been, and probably never will be “kitchen fresh.”

Try telling that to the jackasses who sold me a box of chicken parts that had been sitting under their heatlamps for the better part of the day. “Fresh” sure has a peculiar definition in the Bluegrass State.

Ah, but it originally was. My mother and father grew up in Corbin, KY, and used to go to the Harlan Sander’s original restaurant just outside of town. He definitely had fried chicken there.

And no, before you ask, my parents were not related. There were some non-cousin marriages in the state back then. Two generations up from though there was a first-cousin marriage, but there’s no lasting eff… Look, a doggie!

Where’d you get that idea?

Meh. No new news here.

Remember the McD’s commercials from about a decade ago? Good wholesome music reminiscent of Copland played over images of wheat threshers. And the tagline “Good food from the good earth.” As if we are to associate ground pig anus on a stale bun with wholesome farmhouse freshness.

Great. Now I’m all hungry.

Amen! I stay away from most fast food mainly because I don’t like it and not so much out of health concerns. But every once in while, there’s a certain craving that only KFC can satisify. Yummmmm!!

Is the “Kitchen Fresh Chicken” thing an official corporate name change issue, or just the latest cutesy-commercial-gimmick-of-the-month to come from their ad agency?

(Only KFC stuff I enjoy are the honey BBQ sandwiches and the mashed potatoes. The fried chicken itself is take it or leave it for me.)