FTR: Ephebophilia != pedophilia

I refuse to feel anything but good about myself for digging Traci Lords’ early films, and 15 should be the age of consent nationwide.

It might as well be. It’s the desire to have sex with people who do not have the brain development or judgement to consent to sex, especially with an adult.

This should go well.

For thousands of years of human history in cultures across continents it was the normal age for a woman/girl to bear her first child. Mitochondrial Eve probably did that.

They aren’t the same; sex with someone who is old enough to have their own sex drive is morally different than sex with someone who isn’t. Pedophilia is predatory and destructive by its nature; sex with someone old enough to want it (and who may even be the initiator) isn’t. And our present age of consent laws fail an important test; due to being set so high they are routinely ignored, which undercuts the institution of law itself and calls their legitimacy into question.

Now, we’ve decided as a society that it’s a bad idea for late teens to have sex; but that’s not the same thing as it being a predatory act by its nature. And it’s not helping anything by grabbing young couples, branding the boy a “sex criminal” for life and giving the girl “counseling for her trauma” (while not acknowledging that her trauma consists of seeing her boyfriend’s life ruined). Nor is there anything “perverted” about adults finding a late teens girl attractive; our culture may have decided otherwise, but that’s what our biology says is “old enough for sex”. And while we can control our actions it’s foolish to pretend we can just turn off our instincts, or to pretend that natural desires are perverted - if natural desires are perverse, then what isn’t “perverse”?.

I do think that “Romeo and Juliet” laws are a good idea. At least that helps get rid of the scenario where teenage couples are being arrested for normal human behavior.

Domestic Manners of the Americans, by Frances Trollope (1832)

Uncomfortably agreeing with BrainGlutton and Der Trihs.

Also uncomfortably agreeing with Smeghead.

(Previous threads regarding “Bad Thing A is worse than Bad Thing B” have tended to derail violently. “So, you’re perfectly okay with Bad Thing B.” Depressingly predictable.)

Whether or not this is or was universally true across cultures, this is not, as I suspect you know, the correct yardstick to use. Our ancestors did lots of things that we no longer consider appropriate. Slavery being just one example that comes to mind.

As a society, we judge that adults should not have sex with children. 15 year olds count. The fact that an adult might think that a particular 15 year is developed enough to appear adult, doesn’t make it true.

This is not going to go well.

You’re right that lusting after 15 year olds isn’t as bad as lusting after 5 year olds. But they’re both bad. There’s plenty of porn made by legal adults. You shouldn’t watch Traci Lords videos, it makes you a bad person supporting the exploitation of underage troubled people. Also, if the law is out for you for some reason, and finds those videos, that might not be good for you.

ETA: Also people who say “Murder is worse than theft” rarely continue by saying “I refuse to feel bad about all my stealing.”

It’s strange – we live in a culture that hypersexualizes pre-pubescents (in kiddie-pageants, etc.) while simultaneously infantilizing teenagers.

The Catholic CHurch holds that Virgin Mary was 14 when Jesus as born!

Kiddie pagents are terrible, but they are indulged in by a small minority of weirdos. And the fact that they exist is no reason for you to feel proud of yourself for jerking off to an exploited teenager.

I’ll agree that there’s nothing abnormal or pathological or squicky about finding anyone sexually attractive even if they’re legally underage. Having such desires is one thing; acting on them is another.

Also note that, according to Wikipedia (not that that’s the last word), “Ephebophilia is the primary or exclusive adult sexual interest in mid-to-late adolescents, generally ages 15 to 19. … Ephebophilia strictly denotes the preference for mid-to-late adolescent sexual partners, not the mere presence of some level of sexual attraction” (bolding mine). I’m not sure what the psychological implications are of an adult who’s only attracted to teenagers, but it gives me pause.

Right. Forgot that. Never mind then. :rolleyes:

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ETA: Not your fault of course, ddsun. But it makes you look like you’re agreeing with the guy it’s directed at.

I’ll agree with this as long as it’s clear we’re talking about teenagers who are fully sexually developed physically.

The reproductive needs of the species and later the societal views that once made young teenage motherhood the norm no longer exist and we now know that adults should not be having sex with what are essentially still children who have a great deal of difficulty making informed, well considered decisions.

Now if they go and both willingly boink each other I think it’s not the best of circumstances but in no way is it criminal.

Debate, possibly. Great, not.

Off to IMHO.

Ephebophile, n: Pedo with a dictionary.

I kid, I kid…sorta. Hasn’t it been proposed that one reason for lowering age of menarche is due to better nutrition, especially high consumption of meat and milk? In the past, that didn’t happen until they were like 15-16, which makes the young marrying off each skeevier.

I’ll note that I’m in favor of Romeo-and-Juliet laws, but also cite this -

…If you’re an adult and prefer teen partners, that is pretty messed up.

You feel good about yourself for jacking off alone in your basement? I feel good about myself when I have mutually satisfying sex in a loving relationship, but hey, your way has it’s charms, I guess.