fuck I hate 7-11.

last time I went there late at night… got some chips 'n dip and it cost me 8$. Left there tonite a 4 pack of toilet paper and some bread… went in with a 20 left with a 5$ bill and some change. Fuck I hate that place. I don’t care if I get kicked off this site I fucking hate 7-11.

If you need to swear at someone, do it in the Pit.
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Also, why don’t you shop elsewhere?
I used to work in a convenience store. I knew that everything but gasoline was overpriced, and so did everybody else. The people that bought merchandise did so knowing full well that they were paying a premium to not have to drive to a grocery.

My local 7-11 sells bread for 50 cents a loaf. That must have been some really expensive toilet paper. And unless someone was holding a gun to your head the only person to blame is that guy you see in the mirror every morning.

The good thing about 7-11 is they sell so much coffee that it’s always fresh. I think it’s better than Starbucks, at about 1/3 the price. Also, there’s no place else you can get a sugar-free Slurpee.

You’ve obviously never tried the jalapeno cheese sticks. The stuff of gods! (Well, drunk gods)

Q. What do you call a $10 loaf of bread at 7-11?
A. A pretty good deal.

Thank you, I’ll be here all week.

What rules did he violate? As it is, this OP probably would have ended up being kicked over to MPSIMS anyway.

To the OP: $8 for chips and dip? Good God, man. You were stoned, weren’t you? Munchie run? Too whacked to pay attention? I thought so. :slight_smile:

The rules against abusive language outside of the Pit. See the OP and the thread title.

If he’s anything like me, he doesn’t have many options unless he wants to go way out of his way.

I try to avoid 7-11 like the plague. I hate the way that place smells, and the fact that they carry no merchandise that’s mold-free. (This includes their lottery tickets.)

But in my neighborhood, if I want food, I have to grocery shop at 7-11 or CVS. Or go to a bad pizza joint. If I want to avoid those, we’re talking about a trip on the trolley to a supermarket that’s nearly as bad, and that alone is an hour and twenty minute excursion. If I want to go to a good market, we’re talking more like 2 hours minimum.

I try to plan ahead so I don’t have to choose among those horrible options, but when I just want some chips and salsa, the crappy 7-11 is the best one.

Y’know, I hate my 7-11 because they’re some weird singular exception to the coffee thing. And it would be so convenient on those mornings I don’t get my self up on time to do my own coffee thang, since I have to pass the store on my way out of the neighborhood. It’s just bad, horrible, haven’t cleaned the coffeemakers since 1987 rotten!

I’m with you on the wonder of sugar-free slurpees, especially on hot summer days. :cool:

In the two stores that I try hard to avoid, I won’t go anywhere near the coffee. The smell of foul burnt coffee that hits me in the face every time I go in is overwhelming. I sometimes wonder if they have that smell in an aerosol can and fumigate the place with it every five minutes. I can’t imagine drinking something that tastes like that.

I don’t understand the 7-11 = good coffee thing. If they have good coffee, the 7-11 in my neighborhood doesn’t know how to make it. It is somehow both burnt-tasting and watery. In other words, foul. I don’t think it’s the actual grinds they make it with, either. I’ve bought their coffee in an emergency to make at home, and while overpriced, it’s definitely decent.

You know, they don’t call them “convenience stores” because they’re cheap.

Just sayin’.

A store will charge whatever the market will bear. If someone is willing to plunk down $8 for chips and dip, that’s going to be part of the price of convenience. But I have to say that $15 for 4 rolls of toilet paper and a loaf of bread is pretty high. OTOH if you gotta wipe and you don’t wanna go to another store, you pay for the quickie shopping.

Whatever. The Pit ain’t the only place you’re likely to see “fuck” in the title…nor should it be.

I’m trying to start a campaign, beginning with where I work, to call them “inconvenience stores” because they’re where you go when going somewhere else is inconvenient.

I just got back from the 7-11 a block away and I got a dozen eggs for 99 cents. The milk, bread and eggs aren’t that overpriced; they make a killing off the Slurpees and Big Gulps.

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Wow… How much does a loaf of bread generally cost in the US?

If I went to a 7-11 here in Australia to buy a loaf of bread it would cost about $3.50.