Fuck the Lara Croft fanboys for driving up the cost of gunparts! (limited interest)

My friend, it’s time for you to upgrade (when H&K was awarded the contract by DHS, I knew my USP was done for.) Perhaps this would work well for you. Who needs a compensator when it doesn’t kick?

Damn you, free market! Damn you to hell!

So, someone who decides they absolutely have to have one of these guns because they’re a Lara Croft fanboy is worthy of scorn and derision. But if you absolutely have to have one of these guns because you’re some sort of a firearms fanboy… that’s better, somehow?

It’s been a loooong time since I played a Tomb Raider game: was the make and model of her pistols in the game identifiable? I remember them as just being generic handguns. If there is a fanboy element to this run on guns, it’s probably through the Angelina Jolie connection.

Ever heard of IPSC? Or the term “race gun?” Probably not, I guess, even though I mentioned IPSC as specifically why I wanted the item in my OP. In fact, I don’t think you read too closely at all. Otherwise, I can’t see why your reply would have so many errors,

Gosh, you think Angelina Jolie’s movies might have something to do with it? Wish I’d thought of that connection…

Next time, read twice before replying, dufus.

Nah, my tits aren’t big enough.


Not that one, either. Should I have?

Yeah, you said you wanted to “give some IPSC a try at my gun club.” This sentence is supposed to mean something to me?

Name one.

I was replying to zweisamkeit, who was suggesting the games might have more to do with the limited availability of the gun you wanted, and not the movies. See, you can tell that’s what I was doing, because I quoted his post, and then wrote something that was clearly in reference to what he was saying.

Jeez, dumb and aggressive. What a wonderful combination in someone who regularly handles firearms.

I mean, aside from the fact that you were looking for an accessory for your gun, and not the gun itself. Clumsy wording on my part, there.


Since you don’t know what IPSC is, and didn’t bother even attempting to find out, and you don’t know what the term “race gun” means, you don’t have an opinion worth any more of my time. Ta.

Speaking of compensators…

We’re using Berettas in the film. (Pard has one tattoes on his arm, so naturally he’d choose one – or two – for the lead character to carry.) The compensator to use in the film would be the one Léon carried in Léon, Pard went on a search. Found 'em for $50. Unfortunately, one person had bought all of them from that seller and was now selling them for $150 based on the connection to the film. Pard called him and he only had one left. He’d sell it for $300.

So Pard bought a mill from Grizzly so that he could make them himself (and also use the mill for other projects). While milling a piece of aluminum to make his own Léon compensator the mill broke. So he and the actor loaded the 600-pound piece of machinery and took it back. The second one also broke. Note that Pard was trained as a machinist, and aluminum isn’t the hardest of metals. Also, he’s made fully-functional compensators before.

Finally he bought an airsoft Beretta that came with a compensator and a rail. This was a nice gun that is nearly perfect. And it’s all-metal, including the rail and compensator. The accessories fit the real pistol almost perfectly. (The rear end of the rail had to be relieved a little so it would fit.) To attach the compensator you just replace the guide rod in the real pistol with the one from the airsoft pistol and screw the compensator into it.

The only problem is that the real Beretta has been modified for firing blanks, which necessitates grinding off of the locking lugs. Seems the slide doesn’t quite come all the way forward with the airsoft compensator on. But it should just take a few minor adjustments.

If you can set it up, I’ll take that bullet for the team.

Christ, you’re a whiney little bastard, aren’t you?

So, I googled both terms, and as a result, my life has been immeasurably improved. Apparently, y’all are the ricers of handgun owners. It’s great that you have a hobby, it really is, but maybe you can explain to me how this is more useful than masturbating to Angelina Jolie? You don’t get to engage in your fanboy activities, because someone else is engaging in their fanboy activities. Boo-fuckin’-hoo.

That’s damed noble of you.

Even more, its damned noble.

I was actually just thinking about this thread today, for some reason. I should post about this in the Serendipity thread.

Or not.

IPSC slightly predates that particular drug abusing, borderline incestuous, UN-skanking beyotch.

The USP is perhaps one of the best pistols out there now. It has most of the nice features from the best designs of the past 25 years.

What I want is a civilian version of the P90. In .45ACP.

I never would have imagined… Learn something new every day.
That really sucks.

Well, my train of reasoning is more:

  • there were many many many fanboys of Lara Croft because of the video game. There were enough fanboys (etc) that movie execs figured that a movie might be feasible
  • Tomb Raider the movie comes out, showing AJ with the specific gun model mentioned (I guess; I never saw the movie)
  • previously mentioned fanboys also love the movie, but continue jacking o---- uh, admiring, Lara Croft with the continuing series of video games
  • but now that they have seen the specifics (what kind of gun she uses, what kind of boots she wears, etc) from the movie, those carry over into the all around fandom.

(And I’m a she, by the way :))

Like the man said, “What’s aught but as 'tis valued?”. In other words, things are only “worth” what people are willing to pay for them: if these dry-firing fanboys are willing to pay more than you are, the price goes up. You might as well bitch that you can’t buy a first edition Superman comic even though you really like Superman because collectors have driven up the prices.

All of you who pointed out the basic supply/demand relationship are, of course, correct. A better, and more accurate, way for me to have phrased it would be to say that (thanks to the beshitted fanboys) the compensators are selling for more than they are worth to me.

You’re willing to modify your position on the basis of reasoned disagreement? This is the Pit, Scumpup; you’re doing it wrong. You’re supposed to blindly and profanely argue your OP for four pages in the face of all objection until the tracks buckle, the cars derail, the propane tanks burst into flames and the screams of the roasting passengers can barely be heard over the roar of the inferno and the grind and shriek of tortured metal. :smiley:

Seriously, though, that was pretty classy. Nice one.