Fuck the Lara Croft fanboys for driving up the cost of gunparts! (limited interest)

To the OP: I’m not trying to be rude, but do you really think there are that many fanboys of Tomb Raider that they are buying up that many parts? Those movies are pretty shitty, as I recall, and I can’t imagine any self-respecting gun guy with a fine piece of “steel” like an HK wanting a part just because a fine piece of ass used it in a sub-par flick. Hell, if I had a compensated H&K, and found the fanboy angle to be real, I’d take the damn thing off lest someone at the range think I want to look like Lara Croft. Don’t you think the price increase has to do with the fact the part is no longer made, thus supply is constrained? I can’t image very many folks buying an expensive pistol and compensator to emulate a female hero in a crappy movie from a few years back.

That being said, I wanted the oh so beautiful WA-2000 ever since I saw 007 use it to shoot the rifle out of the girl’s hand in “Living Daylights” as a kid. I’ve got one located; now there is just the matter of the $25,000 asking price. I would like to know what they cost when that film came out (1987?) Walther only made 72 of them as far as I know.

$12,500 production cost in the 80’s, according to wikipedia. Which equates to roughly $23,000 now, adjusting for inflation.

Addendum: I took the USP with the newly mounted Quik-Comp to the range over the weekend. Muzzle flip is significantly reduced by the compensator. This is partly due to redirection of gases and also partly due to the accessory adding significant weight at the muzzle. Best results came from using lighter projectiles over fast-burning propellant. You physics mavens should be able to figure out why. In the end, I am pleased with my purchase; though I would rather have paid less for it. I’m left with lingering curiosity as to why HK dropped it from production when there is apparently a rather high demand for the item.