Fuck the poor, raise money for important stuff

No offense to the PETA types, but this gir’s parents should probably emphasize some other priorities. Let’s see, redeem 150 Sudanese slaves or buy a police dog with its own bullet-proof vest?

Or remedial spelling for Dopers.

I wouldn’t be that hard on her. She’s at least doing something for her community, which is more than you can say about a lot of kids.


Oh brother-not the whole, “your charity isn’t good enough, try THIS one!” schtick.

I mean, come on, yeah, there are people in Sudan who are slaves. There are also starving kids all over the worlds, women being beaten, etc.

So she chose to help animals. So what?

Agreed. It’s her parent’s I’m annoyed with. Surely they could have guided her commendable efforts to obtain the greatest good!

If it was my child(I don’t have any), I’d be as proud as could be that at such a young age she is doing something for her community. She may not even be aware yet that there are slaves in other parts of the world, but she does know about the dog and wants to help. Cut the kid some slack.

js, I think you’re mistaken on this one.

If she wants to raise money for a police dog and a doggy vest, good for her.

Obviously you have different priorities, so shouldn’t the solution be for you to do some fund raising for your causes?

As I mentioned before, my beef is with the parents. It’s thier job to guide the child.

Guin, respectfully, I must ask you to shove it. First off, she’s not helping animals, she’s helping the police. If they really needed a bullet-proofed dog, they’d be able to get a better funding source than pimping out a ten year old for hand-outs. Second, to the extent that the money she raises is being drawn off money that would otherwise go to other charities, that dog is taking food out of the mouths of the poor, resourses away from battered women, what have you.

This isn’t a case of merely failing to do good. Her actions crowd the charity market and make it harder for more deserving causes to obtain funds. There are lots of charities out there that waste resources in this sense. It’s not something to be proud of.

It’s nice to see her trying to make the world a better place, and instead of doing so she’s actually making it worse because her parents didn’t guide her to a more helpful alternative.

I second that… Give ME the money and I’ll use it to feed the hungry (namely my kids) (please note mild sarcasm)
Better yet I’ll use the money to buy myself a boob job.

So… your saying you don’t approve of the parents parenting, depsite that fact that they’ve raised a child with community awareness and certain level of gumption to do something positive.


Perhaps the title should be: * Fuck the parents who raise little sociopaths, let’s crticize parents who bring up children that rasie money for things I don’t approve of!*

I kind of agree with the point that “at least she’s doing something for her community.”


I also agree with the OP: this is an example of skewed priorities at a young age.

Blaming the parents: they have brought her up to value a police dog and bulletproof vest over all the other things (poverty, hunger, disease etc) to which charity may more usefully be directed. Probably too late to change her mind now.

Also I would blame anyone who donated money to this instead of to the Sudanese slaves (eg). If this little girl came to my door I would try to find a way to kindly but firmly explain to her that my priorities are rather different from hers, and why.

I’ve been thinking of getting more actively involved in charitable work and volunteering, js_africanus. Can you please provide me the World Wide Charitable Institutions Official Order of Priority? I wouldn’t want to choose the wrong charity and draw off money from the more deserving ones.

Just a couple of questions, though. Do we all have to work on the #1 ranked charitable priority until such time as the problem has been solved or can we spread out a bit, perhaps amongst the top ten? Should all the lesser charities hand over their earnings to the highest priority causes each month or wait until the end of the year to reduce processing costs? If there is no particular charitable organization focused on the highest priority cause in my neighborhood, must I start one, or may I be permitted to simply choose the highest priority cause that is available to me?

Maybe she saw something about it on the news-there was a segment around here about an injured police dog, and funds for helping take care of him were low-he could have surgery, or they could put him to sleep. A lot of people donated funds for this.

I hate holier than thou attitudes when it comes to charity.

You have no idea what you’re talking about, and you should really stop when you’re slightly behind.

Well, since she’s raising money to buy a police dog a bulletproof vest, it is in the dog’s greatest good. She’s doing more than most teens EVER do and just because the charity she’s raising money for doesn’t fit your criteria for a good charity doesn’t make it any less important.

Kudos to this girl - I wonder if there’s somewhere on the web to donate. Of course, I’ll make sure that I donate to a proper charity first:rolleyes: .


… Sure. A police dog. Sounds pretty good to me. Why, do you have any specific reason this specific money should go somewhere else, such as the horrid Sudanese slave catch-and-release scam?

Guin, it says in the article that she saw that her counties present dog, an eight year old german shepard named “Blix”, has cancer. That was when she decided to do something.

Good on her. At least she will make a difference. How could her money do anything for the plight of slaves? That will take a lot more than a little girl to fix.

So what have YOU been doing to free slaves or help local police, js_?

We had a local girl doing the exact same project. Sure it’s not the most useful cause in the world. Sure, there’s some remote chance that someone donated to her cause rather than to another charity. Sure, I didn’t give her any money when she called me.

But I still respect her. She was trying to do good. And I respect her parents: rather than turning their kid off charity work by forcing her into a specific project, they let her follow her 12-year-old conscience.

If my kid wanted to raise money to buy Sudanese slaves, I might stop them, of course: the Sudanese slave market, last I heard, is supported primarily by well-intentioned do-gooders who purchase slaves who were kidnapped specifically to be sold to do-gooders. If ever there were a case of misplaced charitable priorities, that’d be it.


If anyone would like an address to help with this particular cause, drop me an email - it’s in my profile.

Well, I guess I can thank js_africanus for bringing it to my attention:). My guess is that there will be one very happy police dog as a result of this. So thanks:D.


What a goofball the OP is.

Sure, there’s no question that there are other charities, and arguably greater needs. But charity work is not a matter of mere mathematics and cool weighing of the greatest need. If this little girl (or her parents) is energized by the prospect of helping a police dog stay safe, then it’s better that they capitalize on that than not. For whatever reason, this is a cause with which they connect.

I help serve food at a local homeless shelter. Few of the clients there are near starvation, although all are needy. Would the OP excoriate me for this work, because there are sub-Saharan Africans who are near death from starvation?

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