Fuck you, Ernie Fletcher and Stan Lee! (Kentucky election gloating)

Steve Beshear (D) has trounced our corrupt, worthless, slimy, fucktarded, indicted, Republican governor Ernie “Intelligent Design is a self-evident objective truth” Fletcher, m.d. So fuck you and your “No Casinos” tour, your gay-bashing, atheist hating, ignorant little ball of oily shit by almost twenty point. (Election Returns.)

For years (all the way until he narrowly won the GOP nomination for reelection) Fletcher had claimed that he had no opinion on casinos and would allow the voters to decide the issue themselves. But as soon as he was nominated, he became the biggest anti-casino advocate I’ve ever seen. (See, for one great example, this hilarious and hypocritical speech.) [YouTube link]* And the people of Kentucky refused to fall for his flip-flop, and instead decided that we’d rather have a gay-lover, abortioner, Ten-Commandments-taker-downer, LIB-A-RUHL, Democrat as governor than that mis-aimed cum stain. So go slither away and die, Fletcher.

And a special “fuck you” to Republican candidate for Attorney General Stan Lee who got destroyed by over twenty points. Thank the gun-totin’ baby Jesus that this miserable fuck won’t be our chief law enforcement officer. Here’s some of the bullshit he promised: (from his official campaign page)

So in conclusion, fuck these two freedom-hating small minded hypocrites. I hope these two are forced to find some way to mutually Sodomize each other in the seventh circle of Hell. And they might as well get started now, since they won’t have anything better to do anytime soon.

Goddamn, that felt good!

  • I love the arguments: “Gambling is terrible! It causes abortions! … And it takes revenue away from gambling-supported events (like the one I’m attending now)!”

I missed the edit window, but I just rewatched the Fletcher video. I had forgotten about his endorsement from Moses himself.

Rot in hell, fucker.

Oh. I was gonna ask why the gratuitous assault on the founder of Marvel Comics, but never mind. :wink:

Casinoes! Road to ruin, hell in a handbasket. Got one in Minnesota, then two, next thing you know, after a mere decade or so, bars are now open until two A.M. Two o’clock in the morning, mind you! I hear tell there are some places now where you can walk in and buy a bottle of booze on Sunday! When God-fearin’ folks is either in church, going to or coming back from!

And whats wrong with posting the Ten Guidelines? Damned if I can remember them all, something about not coveting a maidservant’s ass sticks in my mind, but the rest… Oh, and not using your staff to comfort thy rod, or something.

Anyway, have a good gloat. Ordinarily bad karma but there are exceptions, like those moments when you think that maybe, just maybe, the Forces of Darkness have humped the shark.

No, it’s the other Stan Lee, GOP candidate for Attorney General and noted 70s-era porn star.

His campaign slogan? “Fear the 'Stache!” No, really.

It was too much to ask for the GOP to go down with some dignity, but in the last two days of the campaign:

–the Governor put up a Ten Commandments display in the Capitol;

–robo-calls went out across the state saying that a vote for Beshear/Mongiardo was a vote for the faggots, including one call that falsely claimed to be from fairness.org and another from the rotting corpse of Pat Boone; and

–re-worked their stump speeches into outright gay-baiting, such as Mr. Molestache up there calling Beshear & Mongiardo “a couple of San Francisco treats”.

It’s gonna be nice to have adult non-assclowns in charge again.

Pat Boone put out an album of heavy metal covers, then there was an uptick in teen suicides. Coincidence? Maybe…

I must have missed that one.

Did he include this pertinent passage:

“And lo, I say unto you, O Nation of Israel, that thou shalt not cast lots, for it is wicked. And such wickedness shall be extended in the end times unto the green felt of the Whorealites. And lo, on that day thy taxes shall be high! However, when Beasts of the Earth or Balls of the Plastic Sphere are involved, The Lord shall smile upon you, for thy Revenues shall be great.”

  • Hypocratees 3:19-21

I could only see the other Stan Lee running for office in New York.

Yes, in addition to the motto, there’s NY’s time-honored nickname, “The Content-Provider State.”

I answered an “Unknown Caller” call today specifically because I was hoping to hear Pat Boone talk to me about homersexuals. It wasn’t him, though. (sigh)

This is hilarious. I’ve just laughed my ass off, picturing you getting excited about the possibility of Pat Boone queer-baiting you, and then being deflated when it was just a telemarketer.

I guess I’m just giddy tonight. Although I have good reason!

Thankfully, I was able to get my Pat Boone fix here. It was everything I could have hoped for.


Fuck 'em all.

Over the last few days, I called a bunch of my nerd friends to tell them, “Don’t vote for ‘Stan Lee’ just because his name is ‘Stan Lee’ and you think that’s funny. He’s terrible. Go to his website. You’ll see.”

That was the extent of my political activism this cycle.


Ah, so Stan Lee got a No-Prize, then? :smiley:

(Jesus, I’m old…does anyone but me remember the damn No-Prize?)

This gives me some lovely ideas for Christmas decorations.

Believe it. Fortunately it was late enough that it couldn’t have been more obvious what it was about.

The sad part is that none of the bushwa listed above could have possibly made any difference in the election; it was over the second the primary returns were in. The whole point was to get the “values voters” (you know, morons) out to prevent the embarrassment of a twenty-point blowout.

Anyone remember back when all kinds of kids read comic books, not just nerds? (Of course there was a time when all kinds of kids used to wear knickers. So, uh.)

I’m a Democrat, and all I can say is: yay :smiley: Go Kentucky!