Fuck you, fuck you, fuck you all to Hell!

This is my response to The events depicted in this theard (Warning: Very Disturbing, involved Daniel Pearl murder)

:mad: :mad:

Fuck you.

Fuck you, fuck you fuck you a thousand times with a rusting, radioactive, smallpox coated nasty twisted piece of sheet metal and barbed wire. You murderous fucking sub-animal filth. You … fuck fuck fuck fuck fuck you!!

I hope someone catches you and cuts you apart a few inches at a time so you – no, fuck that, I hope you die miserably. Preferably torn apart by an angry mob. Fuck you for making me wish this on you, and fuck you for being fucking asshole terrorist scumfucking ersatz offal shitfucks!


I truly hate you. Fuck you for making me hate. Fuck you fuck you fuck you.


Ditto. You covered my sentiments exactly.

I just downloaded it(I dont know why), and I think Mr. Ellis put it as well as I could have hoped for. I know it is wrong to feel this way, but at times likes these I take comfort in knowing that God will not allow these scumbags to go unpunished. My heart goes out the Pearl family. I think we should give thier F16’s to Israel.

They didn’t make me hate.

But they reminded me why I continue to.


From the events broadcast on mainstream media, did you have no clue about what comprised the horrifying last minutes of Daniel Pearl’s life? Were you surprised by the tenor of the hideous hate mongrels who stalked and tortured a decent man?

I’m grateful for the internet and all it offers, but this invasion of privacy appalls me. A man’s humiliation and murder shouldn’t be fodder for voyeurs.

Does the moral indignation or pointless fuckhate you splattered here make you different from others who watch snuff films?

Thanks for the link. Won’t watch it, though. I can sleep at night, thankyouverymuch.

I will say this: People who are capable of committing this sort of violence are propelled by blind hatred. Answering blind hatred with hatred doesn’t solve anything. Answering violence with violence doesn’t solve anything.

Anger is understandable. And anger can be very useful if used as an impetus for change. However, if WE decide we don’t have to change, that we’re perfect just as we are, then we’ve missed the damn boat. There are people who share this earth with us who would mutilate and torture us simply because we were born here.


Until we are prepared to realistically answer that question we will never have peace. Because desperate people will do desperate things.

Why are they so desperate and what does that have to do with US?

Peace on earth. Goodwill to men.

I must admit I’m a bit sickened to find that people are seeking out this video. I’m angry and saddened enough by this man’s murder. Are we such a skeptical, reality based society that you couldn’t simply IMAGINE the suffering that he went through? I’ve actually had TWO nightmares about the Daniel Pearl murder, and I’ve only seen pictures of his face.

I can’t imagine WANTING to see more.


The above link is not to the video. The OP was linking to ANOTHER THREAD here at the sdmb, one not in the pit.

I disagree. Im sure that the people in afgahnistan who are glad to be free of the Taliban would also. Violence is the most effective and only solution in some situations. WWII is prime example. There was no solution but answering violence with violence in that situation(trying really hard not to goodwinize here)

Yep. Daniel Peal needed to change, he needed to stop being a Jew. FUCK THAT. these people killed him because he was jewish, and they hate us because we support Israels right not to be pushed into the see, and because we wont let them have thier warplanes so that they can blow up people they dont like. These people arent DESPERATE, they are hate filled bigots, who think everyone who is not like them is sub human and should be killed. And if we change, if we stop supporting Israel, then they will just move on to something else they think we should do differant. You dont give in to bullys. I though everyone learned that in kindergarden.


I really dont know why I downloaded it and watched it. I saw the thread the OP linked to, and thought hmm, its on the net? I then did a search and saw that the FBI was forcing ISP’s to remove it from sites that were listing it. Curiosity got the better of me, I wish I hadnt seen it, but I cant undo that now. He did not appear to be alive during the bad part, you dont see them kill him, at least.

I believe that a person can dehumanize themselves by their own conscious actions. They can still be biologically a human being, but they no longer have the natural right to exist on the planet.

People keep telling me again and again that hatred doesn’t solve anything, and that violence doesn’t solve anything. And yet, no other solution that actually works is offered.

Only one thing will keep Muslin extremists and terrorists from torturing and killing other Jews in the same manner as Mr. Pearl - death.

You cannot reason with the sort of people who commit acts like this on the video, or on 9/11. You cannot rehabilitate them, nor would one want to necessarily. You cannot open their eyes to another worldview. You cannot teach them to love Jews, Christians, and all persons of the World, and to disagree peacefully.

They are non-humans. It’s not even murder to kill people that do these sorts of acts.

Oh yeah…IMO.

Also :mad: Hearing about the video was enough for me.

Yeah, gotta watch out for those denim and cotton extremists too, you fucking dumbass. Any point you could have possibly wanted to make is ruined by a fuck-up like that. :rolleyes:

bdgr, my post was not directed at Daniel Pearl. It was directed at Americans. There are a lot of desperate people in the world (e.g. Russians, most of Africa, most of central America), but most of these people fight amongst themselves. The people in the Middle East have chosen US to be their scapegoats. WHY?

Perhaps, just perhaps, we are PART of the damn problem. Maybe our foreign policy SHOULD be revisited. Perhaps we SHOULD be looking for alternative oil sources OR perhaps we should not get our dander up at the thought of drilling in OUR backyard while driving around in our SUVs.

If our only answer to their hatred is more bombs then we have to expect it to escalate further and further.

I’m not sickened by it, exactly, but simply utterly befuddled by it.

I don’t know why people seek stuff like the video out, but I don’t think skepticism has one iota to do with it. I don’t think they’re bad people for wanting to see it–just people whose headspace I don’t understand.

No. It isn’t.

PunditLisa, the only way to satisfy the Muslim extremists is for the US to declare itself the Islamic Republic of Americastan, then nuke Israel.

Islamic terrorists, like the ones who slaughtered Daniel Pearl and attacked the WTC and Pentagon, are, you know, EXTREME. They aren’t operating on rational principles.

They want the deaths of all Jews.

Osama bin Laden wants to establish a new worldwide Islamic caliphate.

They want to impose extreme applications of Islamic law on all countries, even non-Muslim countries.

Hell, you might as well try to reason with Charles Manson or Donald deFreeze.

Agreed, agreed AGREED!!!

Did I mention I agree?

I’ve been saying this all along. And it’s always-go somewhere else! Quit giving into the terrorists.

It’s insane! Hello, more flies with honey? HELLO!!!
Oh wait. John Ashcroft said that we’re just helping the terrorists.

Oh well, PunditLisa-maybe we’ll be cellmates?


I understood exactly what you meant, but it isnt our driving SUV’s that pisses them off. Its that we are not Islamic, that we let our women have too much freedom, and that we support Israel, who they have been brainwashed since birth to hate. And in spite of those evil things, we are successful. A lot of it starts off with Sayyid Qutb, who decided after visiting America that we are evil and must be wiped out. Nothing we do or say, short of all converting to Islam, wiping out Israel, and opressing our women is going to change any of that.

I see, so what would you have us do
[li]Stop allowing our women to go out in public without thier faces covered?, and all the other neat laws they have about women.[/li][li]impose all Islamic laws in the US[/li][li]Let them destroy Israel[/li][li]All of us convert to Islam[/li][/ul]
Cuz thats the kind of honey you are talking about to catch those particular flies. These people dont hate us for rational reasons, they hate us because they have been taught to hate us since birth. And they wont stop hating us if we just change a policy here and there, because its not our policies that piss them off. Its that we exist at all, we are successfull, and we are not islamic.

Guinistasia I think it is odd that you want to cooperate with the Islamic wing of patriarchy.com. The Islamic terrorists are not rational people who you can negotiate with; they’re idealists who are driven by a dream of the destruction of Israel, the masssacre of world Jewry, and the triumph of fundamentalist Islam.

Not that I agree with that asshole Ashcroft, who would destroy the Constitution to save it. Fucking fascist.


Of course not. But think about it-we support the kinds of government that foster this…