Fuck You, Mr. Terrorist, sir.

You have gained nothing.

Yes, you have killed an maimed thousands, but what have you gained? Nothing but the hatred and animosity of Billions.

As an American greater than I once said, you are my enemy. Those who harbor my enemy, are also my enemy. Those who aid my enemy are also my enemy.

You have declared War on the United States of America.

In doing so, you have united the United States in a way unseen since World War II. At that time The United States brought forth all the Power at Her command, with the unwavering support of Her people, arrayed against Nazi Germany.

Shortly thereafter, Nazi Germany ceased to exist. It’s ashes are still reviled to this day.

Enjoy your afterlife, you son of a pig. Very shortly it will be all that you have left. You will find that Allah is not as beneficial as you believe.

You have called forth the will of the American People, who will in turn demand your head, who will demand your body be boiled in pig’s blood, and will not even blink when our President employs our Nuclear arsenal to reduce you and yours to naught but vapor and dust.

The United States, after we have reduced your body and memory to swirling ash, will rebuild the World Trade Centers. We will mourn the dead and certainly erect a memorial in their names. But we will prevail.

America Still Exists, and will exist long after you are forgotten.

Our military might is unscathed. Are you so stupid to think that an Aircraft Carrier or a Division of infantry are any less deadly or effective without a mere building? Do you assume that, were you killed, that another would take your place? You hide in caves and live in mud huts- do you think that the World’s Most Powerful Military is any different?

Our infrastructure is unscathed. At worst, you have inconvenienced a great many people for a very brief time.
They will very shortly return to their lives, and continue to run America.

America is not scared. America is in fact extremely angry.

Enjoy your caves, your camel’s tents and your mud huts. Enjoy your solitude as you cower and hide from the retribution you certainly must fear.

We will continue to enjoy our freedom, our wealth and our Global power.