Fuck you Netflix!

Over the past few months I’ve been doing a rewatch of SG-1.

I’m getting down to the last few episodes of their final season… And guess what? They just stop mid-season!! Leaving me hanging like a damn fool.

They quit right in the middle of the story ark with the Ori. Dammit!! Their battle with the Ori was my favorite part of the whole damn series! (Except for the very first episode where you get to see boobies. Which kind of threw me for a loop because I forgot this series started out on Showtime or something like that. :))

So screw you Netflix. If you’re going to buy a season, BUY THE WHOLE DAMN SEASON!


What are you talking about? Netflix has the whole series, including all 20 episodes of the final season. The Ori arc isn’t resolved because it wasn’t resolved in the series. (That plot line is continued in at least one of the follow-up movies.)

:o Oh, uh, yeah I saw those on the cue but I didn’t bother watching them because I thought they were just “Two parter” episodes of the regular series.

OK. I feel like a dummy now. I’ll have to check those out.


Seems like the least you could do now is give Netflix a handy, you fuckin’ tease.

Wouldn’t that just fall on deaf ears?

I see what you did there…

god that is so wrong…funny but wrong

If it helps any, Ark of Truth finishes the Ori arc and then Continuum brings back Baal for time-traveling goodness.

Here’s a related pitting, I decide to relax and watch some Netflix on my PS3 last night. I turn the PS3 on, run Netflix, it starts fussing at me about logging in. I bypass that with the O button, then Netflix has to update. Fine. That runs for a few minutes, then I’m back to needing to log in. The PS3 has yet another update of course. 20 minutes later I’m getting fed up but ready to watch something. After browsing a few minutes I pick a title, and…nothing. It won’t play. I pick the next title and it plays fine. Try playing the first title again, nothing.

I would just watch Netflix on the TivoHD, but their interface sucks, nothing but a very slow list of my Instant Queue. Guess I need to get another Roku for the big TV, that’s the only hassle-free Netflix watching device I’ve found.

Fuck this I’m going to play Civ 5.

On my TivoHD, only about 1/3 of my instant queue list will play at all. The rest give a “network connection” error that itsn’t really a network error. Everything plays fine on the Wii or Blu-Ray. Google tells me that TiVo hasn’t fixed the problem in YEARS.

And, why does the TiVo only support showing the queue? I would like to browse movies, too.

I just have a cheap desktop PC hooked up to the living room TV with a 25Mbps connection. No problems.

See, I don’t have this problem, because my TV has Netflix, my PS3 has Netflix, my Wii has Netflix, my AppleTV has Netflix, my XBox has Netflix, and my computer that I can hook up to the TV has Netflix. That is 6 different ways to watch Netflix on a single TV.