Anyone else's Netflix Instant Queue get messed up recently?

Yesterday, my wife went to watch another episode of BSG, and couldn’t find it on our instant queue. Looking online, the three seasons were still there, but just weren’t showing up on our bluray player.

What’s weird is it seems that instead of S1, S2, and S2.5 each having their own series, it looks like Netflix redid it and merged them all into one series. So I deleted the individual seasons from my queue and added the all-inclusive new one, and bam- it showed back up.

However, it gets weirder. I also have a Roku and a Wii set up to stream. Both of those, before the hoop-jumping I described above, still showed the individual seasons. Also, I have 242 movies in my instant queue. Roku and Wii showed all 242 of them. My bluray player shows “214/214”. So there are a bunch of others that aren’t showing up on it.

Not a huge deal, but the bluray is hooked up to the living room TV (so is the Wii), and is the main device we use for watching Netflix.

Anyone have any ideas what could be causing this, or how to fix it? FTR, I deactivated and reactivated the bluray, hoping it would force a refresh, but no dice. It’s an LG BD370 if that ends up mattering.

I don’t have any help for you, but I have noticed some series consolidation like you describe so it’s not just you.

I had the same issue on our Wii. Appearently, there was some upgrade or another that hosed things. In our case, Tech Support had me delete Netflix and reinstall it.

I noticed that they seem to have collapsed all seasons for shows into one entry. This is neat in the sense that you don’t have to search for all the different seasons.

However, it also won’t let you rate seasons individually anymore. That’s annoying since some shows have seasons that I like much better than others. Particularly if a show has many seasons, I don’t want to have to give them all the same rating.

Yeah it did this to me. And it completely screwed up the order of my queue.

Yep, did the same for me, but only for certain series. And for the ones it did, it was super annoying, because now for a series with a lot of shows, it takes forever to scroll to the ep I want to see.

The people over at have a thread on this problem. If someone has an explanation or a solution there is a fair chance it will be linked there.

It’s consolidation. You can now just add shows instead of seasons.

It’s weird, but I don’t mind too much.

However, if I want to choose an episode(let’s say of X-files) from season 5, is there an easier way to skip to season 5 than cycling through every ep. title? I use Roku.

I don’t mind the consolidation so much, as long as they fix it so the queue on the website is the same as the one that appears on each of my streaming devices. If I have to drop and readd shows before my bluray can pick it up, well… that’s just annoying, I guess.

Funny, someone over at describes the same problem I have, right down to having an LG player.

By the way, on Roku, you can use the fast forward buttons to skip through shows 10 episodes at a time.