Fuck you teenage driver, AND your little brother!

I just saw the most outrageous shit I have ever seen on the roadway.

Some kid decides to play chicken with his little brother out an our cul-de-sac. The fucking bastard has 3-4 friends in the car and drives about 35 MPH (speed limit is 25), toward his idiot brother and friend then proceeds to lock the tires and slide within two feet of them. Waiting one fucking more second and we would have had two cases of vehicular homicide.

And that wasn’t the end of it. Afterwards I go up and tell the little brother how much of a dumb fuck his bro was being and THE SHITHEAD DIDN’T CARE! “He didn’t mean it, that was why he stopped!.” Listen you 'lil asshole when your dumbass brother locks up the tires he has no control of the car and you came within inches of ending up 6 feet under.

Still the little bastard doesn’t care and tells me to mind my own business.

THIS SHIT PISSES ME OFF! I am NOT for more driving restrictions and don’t claim I hate teenagers, I am one. But it pisses me off that my younger sister, 4.0 student and a list of accomplishments I could get tired trying to type, will not get her full drivers license until she is sitting in her college dorm room and this asshole will be driving the hole time.

Now I need to go exhibit some violence against something . . .

PS - This is my first time using vulgarity in a post. Was it too overdone?

Ah, just wait a few months, the little brother will be dead, and the older one will be in jail, which means neither will be around to have their own idiot offspring, and the world will be a better place.

And I am too new here to give a definative swearing answer for this location, but to me it seemed to be handled just fine.

I also think “the strong and smart will survive, and the weak and stupid will weed themselves out” is a good theory. I’m kind of hoping the kid drives himself into a tree at 70 MPH with his brother in the passenger seat, but I just don’t want this moron killing any of the kids around our neighborhood in the meantime.

I also think “the strong and smart will survive, and the weak and stupid will weed themselves out” is a good theory. I’m kind of hoping the kid drives himself into a tree at 70 MPH with his brother in the passenger seat, but I just don’t want this moron killing any of the kids around our neighborhood in the meantime.+:>

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The fun thing to do would be to ‘convienently’ bump into their mom while she’s checking the mail. Mention how her older son’s trying to run over her younger son, and in no time flat, they’ll both be grounded, and if she had any common sense, older son would lose all rights to his car.Parents love those sort of things! :smiley:

I’m not the pit denizen I should be (getting mellow now that I’m of age to drink), but I think you shoulda swore a little more. The term “vehicular emasculation” would’ve been nice too. Would’ve made very little sense, mind you, but it would’ve been nice. :slight_smile:

Actually, the nimrod is liable to weed out a group of people on a street corner.


I don’t know where you live but in Va. an under-eighteen driver is at the complete mercy of their parents. We (parents) have the complete weight of the law to pull their licience for any reason and for any amount of time, just like grounding or cutting off an allowance. All the parent has to do is say “hand it over” and legally they are suspended.

I’m a good bit older than you, but I was your age once and I’ve had friends killed in stupid preventable accidents. I have a daughter just a year or two older than you who has also lost a couple of friends who thought their auto was a bumper-car. I know what I would do, and I urge you to do the same… confront them in front of their parents, or if you don’t want to make waves, have your parents talk to theirs. Do the adult thing before someone gets killed. Cars aren’t toys!

CyberHawk, I’m with those who think you should narc this pair of future Darwin-award candidates out to their folks. I think the wisest way to achieve this would be by asking your parents to talk to their parents. Your parents don’t even need to bring you into it. They can do the inter-parental guilt thing that goes something like this, “We think you should know that Weasel and Pinhead have been ‘playing chicken’ with your car in the center of the cul de sac. We knew that there was no way you could have known about this, because you would, of course, have put a stop to it immediately.” This is parent-eze for “Pull your heads out of your asses – your rotten offspring are screwing up and it’s making you look bad.”
Of course, this may not work. maybe the parents don’t have any control over their kids, or maybe the parents are just as stupid as the kids are… But, you should give it a try.

Well, if it pisses you off that much,

You may be able to report a dangerous driving incident to the police. They may very well ticket them both. The flipside though, is if the kid decides to take it to court you will have to testify to make it stick…which by the sounds of it you wouldn’t have any problem doing.

Give the cops a call. I would like to know how it pans out.

I read somewhere about the type of damage caused in fairly low-speed accidents (around the speed these ass-brains were going), and was horrified to learn how dangerous even low speeds are (no site, sorry - I’ll have to do a little digging on that). These kids are definitely playing with fire, and like other posters have said, they will probably take others with them when they blow up.
(BTW, welcome to the boards, Cyberhwk and Tars Tarkas. I presume you’re an ERB fan, Tars?)

I understand the lad showed poor judgment, but is that enough reason to summarily dismiss him as a waste of time, a blight on society, a waste of resources?

You don’t make it clear whether this is oft repeated behavior or a one-time lack of judgment. I see a lot of people quick to assume that this shows a propensity for reckless behavior and a lack of control. Consider that he did stop SHORT of his brother. It may be dumb luck, or it may be a case of natural talent and “feel” behind the wheel. This doesn’t excuse the action, which was extremely risky and potentially calamitous.

If this is regular behavior, maybe what this individual needs more than a lecture or grounding, is an outlet for his “talents”. Maybe somebody needs to take this boy to the kart track!

What is reckless behavior to some, may only be a poor choice of venue for the operator.

Hibbins; that is optimism to the extreme.

I guess, now that I have cooled off, I’ll wait and see. But God for bid if I don’t have a video camera out there about 2:40 today.

My guess is the parents are just as ignorant as the kids so if I due pursue this further it would be down the legal avenue. (Plus, the shock factor for Mr. and Mrs. Dillweed would be higher.)

Thanks for the suggestions.

It seems mighty presumptuous of you to now judge the parents as ignorant, the same parents whom you have not spoken to. I am still unclear whether this is regular ongoing behavior or an isolated incident. If it is not an ongoing occurrence, I see little point in involving yourself further, unless that is you feel some self-righteous need to meddle.

On the other hand should it be an ongoing occurrence, I think it behooves you to bring this to the parents attention. An anonymous video tape of an “incident” mailed or dropped in the door from “a concerned citizen/neighbor”, will allow you to avoid the scary teen adult confrontation. It should also eliminate any risk of you being dismissed out of hand. Failing to get a response, I would then pursue a legal route.

True but I think the saying goes something like, “The apple doesn’t fall far from the tree.”

I won’t make a deal about it yet but I won’t hesitate if it happens again.

I think what bothers me more about your take on the situation is that you sound as if you want the two boys to die, just because they did something stupid? I understand that it was very idiotic to put lives in danger, but everyone does something stupid everyday…just because I do something careless, that automatically means I deserve to die?

Anyhow, I can see how you would be angered, and if I were you, I’d tell their parents, or the police, or someone that will get them to stop this foolish behavior.