Dear Brother: Fuck Completely Off!!!

I’m so goddamned angry right now I’m shaking. I just watched my stepson get arrested in front of my house. He had just driven up in my brothers car to visit his younger brothers, when a police cruiser pulled up behind him. It turns out it was not my brothers car, but was stolen.

My older brother and I have a history, he single handedly nearly ruined my wedding. He once hit me while i was holding my infant son, and only my mothers begging kept me from pressing charges. He’s repeatedly burglarized my Mom, and other siblings. I was just beginning to wonder how long it would take him to go to jail again. But this is the final fucking straw! If I ever see him again, it’ll be too soon.

I told the police what I knew and told my son to tell the police everything he knew. The police were sympathetic, it’s not their fault, I don’t blame them for doing what they had to do. My stepson was doiing well, attending college and had just gotten a job. I will not let my brother destroy his life.

From now on, he can’t ask me for a glass of water. I’ve told my sons if they see him coming to go the other way. I wouldn’t piss on his head if his hair was on fire. In short fuck him forever, he’s no longer a part of my life.

Good for you!
Enough is enough!

Just so I am clear here…your brother passed off a stolen car as his own to your stepson? That is pretty scummy. Any chance of moving to a town where your brother won’t be an issue?

Wow, sorry to hear that Stuffy, I hope things work out for you and your family.

Yep! That’s it exactly. We’re waiting for him to call so we can bail him out (normally something I’ve told my sons I would never do). We’re considering moving accross the country, but we need to get our savings reestablished first. Luckily we’re self employed and our location is irrelevant to our work.

Stuffy, sounds like a proper response from you towards your brother.
I do hope that you’ll be able to keep things from making problems for your stepson.

Sounds like it might work the other way around–your brother’s about to move someplace where he won’t be a problem…

Wow, I remember this character from another thread. For some reason I thought to myself that he would have cleaned up his act after the wedding fiasco, guess not. Maybe you could consider talking to him again if he ever gets out of jail.

Why are you bailing him out?

I don’t understand. Why would your brother do such a thing? Is he evil? :confused:

If so, you are well shut of him. Hopefully the police can straighten this out.

And sorry, but to hell with your mom. Press charges.

I suspect he’s going bail for his stepson, not his brother.

:eek: Holy shit! You mean they held him accountable for being deceived by his uncle?

Stuffy, I just saw that you were also the author of the My Ex is nuts; it all makes sense now! thread. I think the best thing for you and your family would be to get the hell out of Dodge, and the sooner the better. I sincerely hope you manage that soon. Best of luck.

I think, Liberal, they’re holding the stepson accountable for *possible * indictment for being in possession of stolen property. This is the sort thing that a good DA would throw out, without pressing charges, especially as Stuffy’s recommended to the step son that he be as cooperative as possible.

The question is how reasonable will the ADA feel at the time he or she gets the data. :frowning:

I’m not faulting the cops, nor is Stuffy, but it’s set, now, to be a situation to really hammer an innocent kid.

Huh?! I, too, thought the OP meant he was waiting for his brother to call and get bailed out, not his stepson. I see why you would bail him out for this (stepson, not brother), as he didnt’ do anything wrong. Why are they holding him, though? I thought the police understood that the car was given to him by his uncle, and he didn’t know it was stolen.

But what a stupid fucking law! That means you could cause someone to be arrested and possibly prosecuted just by pretending to be kind or generous.

ivylass, I believe this is the same brother from a previous thread who was arrested on the way to Stuffy’s wedding for buying pot. Right. In front. Of a cop. Oh, and then his ho-bag GF took all her clothes off in front of the church. And hit the OP and his new bride up for cash.
Stuffy, I’m sorry you’re still having to deal with this crap so many years later. HOW in the name of all that’s good in the world does he manage to keep getting out of prison? :confused:

It’s not the law, so much as the fact that discretionary powers for pressing charges are exercised in the US at the District Attorney level, not at the patrol officer on the street. Normally that’s a good thing. But it does leave the cops stuck having to arrest this kid for possession of something of enough value to qualify for grand larceny.
Besides, I thought that the standard Libertarian line was that most laws and police powers in the US are insane anyways? :smiley: (not that I’m mistaking you for a standard anything Liberal. Just couldn’t resist a poke :wink: .)

You are very sweet to be gentle with me, OtakuLoki. And I don’t mind a poke or two now and then. :slight_smile: Libertarianly speaking, laws should be based on the suppression of intial force and deception. This boy is a victim of deception, but he is being treated like a criminal.

I know almost exactly where Stuffy is coming from. I have a PITA older brother too; fortunately mine’s on the opposite coast.