Fuck you, you Clockwork Orange murdering assholes

This story has a lot more to it.

I was just told about the murder by a friend. She lives in Lexington, just across the river. Her son is close to the younger brother of the victim.

16 kids beat him senseless, laid his body across the railroad tracks. Then they watched the train run over him, ripping his body apart.

This, according to the 15 year old brother. Told to the woman who just told me. She said the cops are being very closed-mouthed about it so far. Still investigating it.

Details hopefully will follow soon. One dead man. 16 rampaging assholes.



I suspect the “kids” are not “kids” but 16 and 17 year old gangbangers with illegitimate children and gold chains. In any case, this is absolutely horrific. It never ceases to amaze me how brutal some people can be.


A slightly more full version.

The kid brother said that there were 16 kids there, either actively involved in beating his older brother or watching.

Sixteen goddamned perpetrators. The kid brother said 4 were arrested already, but that information has not been released to the press.


This is the full extent of the story you linked to. Not much detail there, and nothing about a murder. Any other links you can provide?

Both links work. If I cut and paste the full text of both articles I will be banned for violation of the Board Rules concerning copyrighted material. I would have to have written permission in this thread to cut and paste a full article.

I’m sorry you cannot see the full articles linked.

I can see both articles, but neither say anything about 16 kids beating up a man and putting him on the tracks to be dismembered. I’m just a little confused.

I get the same three-sentence story that Hockey Monkey quoted for the first link. For the second I see more, six sentences, but the story concludes that the cops aren’t saying if foul play is suspected. Should I see otherwise?

No, you’re just supposed to believe that the third-hand information we’ve been given is true and accurate and couldn’t possibly be the distorted ranting of an understandably-upset 15-year-old.

–sigh-- Read my OP and second post again. I was told about this story by a woman who LISTENED TO the kid brother of the victim. For example, 4 kids WERE arrested. That has not been made public yet.

As I said, details should follow as they are made public. The sheer monstrocity of it is what prompted my O.P.

ETA: What FerretHerder said.

Yup. There’s nothing about beating, attacks, anything, in either of those articles. I think what 'Toon means is that the papers/cops are being mum about how the guy really got on the tracks and that the victim’s brother has been talking about it.

I understand that you are upset about an incident, but you posted a link and promised more details, then a slightly more full link that also contained nothing about what you were talking about. Don’t get me wrong, I’m not doubting you, but perhaps you could have more clearly stated what was going on, and stated more clearly that your information was from a non-news source. I was confused by your ire given the links provided.

Interesting conclusion to which to leap given that Purcell and Lexington, combined, have fewer than 8,000 people living in the middle of the plains of Oklahoma.
(Maybe it was a horde of Air Force brats invading from Tinker AFB?)

I’d suggest leaving the wild speculation alone until we see some actual facts.

I’m thinking they were Amish.

Amish gangbangers? Preposterous!

Kids get bored and cause trouble when there aren’t enough barns to raise.

Grand Theft Amish

OK, point taken. Although I’m glad my speculation did lead to some Amish humor.

Grand Theft Kincaid (scroll to bottom)

Probably not.

Unless young brothers in OK have completely assimilated into the good old boy lifestyle.

When I lived in Madison, WI, roughly ten years ago, there was a case where a mob of teenagers, in the parking lot of a Westside Taco Bell, beat another teenager into permanent disability. One of the ringleaders was the son of two prominent attorneys who’d been using all their connections and resources to keep the kid out of jail. No gold chains or shorties in this group. (But that crowd settles things with guns, anyway.)

Something needs to be done about these not-so-little fucking savages. How about we start by releasing all non-violent offenders from jails, and refilling their places, by pro-actively targeting these scum? If the police can disguise their officers as prostitutes to make a case, and use other forms of enticement, to engage criminals, they could easily have ‘sacrificial lambs’ sent into the areas these thugs frequent, with a team ready to go in hard, the moment things kicked off.