Fuck you you strabismussic fuckwit!

As both a driver and cyclist, I like to help others help me. To that end, I have:
[li]A light on my handlebars[/li][li]A flashing red light on the back[/li][li]A horn[/li][li]50% more reflectors than OEM[/li][/ul]
I wonder then how you convinced our provincial motor vehicle department to give you a licence when you seem to ignore all the above and cut me the fuck off on your left turn. :mad::mad::mad:

After unlocking my brakes, my immediate fantasies turn to following you and fucking with that heap you can’t fucking steer. I’d happily sacrifice one of the fresh seasoned burger patties in my pannier to your A/C and door handle, since you apparently don’t care if I get turned to ground meat.

Fuck, fuck, fuck, fuckity fuck you.

Days when I have learnt a new word by 9am are rare; days where I’ve learnt it here even more so. So well done and thank you. May you stay unground for a bit longer yet. :slight_smile:

::runs off to call someone a strabismussic fuckwit::

Strabismussic? I don’t even know what a pannier is? :confused:

You think you’ve got it bad? My neighbors are strabismuzak.

It must suck during the day but at night it would help you get to sleep.

You’d think … but you try sleeping with pannier-flute blasting away.
(Now, if they mixed in a bit of Satchel-mo, that would be something!)

You’re right. I would be a basket case.