Fuck YouTube's banner ads

Fuck YouTube’s banner ads. Fuck them long and fuck them hard. Fuck them painfully. Fuck them violently. Fuck them with twelve and a half inches of enameled steel, Johnny Holmes style. Fuck them in the ear. Fuck them in the eye. Fuck them and piss on their faces. Fuck them, then ignore them.

As of late, I’ve been confounded with a very annoying, frustrating issue on YouTube. That issue is: a large, thick, obnoxious banner appears at the top of the YouTube homepage. The banner is an advertisement; what it’s for is always changing, but the size of it is usually the same. When I move the mouse pointer over my account, in order to bring up the drop-down menu to access my “Favorites” section so I can see the videos I like, this vile and evil banner ad actually BLOCKS the drop-down menu.

“Accounts” and “My Videos” are visible and clickable. But “Favorites” and “Playlists” are covered over by this fucking foul, satanic, disgusting banner, in this particular instance an advertisement for the hideous “RUGBY by Ralph Lauren” clothing line, which makes a mockery out of the noble uniform that I fought, sweated, and bled in on high school rugby pitches all over southern and central Indiana. But that is a tangent; the content of the ad is not really what matters. What matters to me is that I can’t access my fucking favorites without waiting for four or five seconds and then clicking the X box on the banner ad which appears after said period of time.

You think you’re so clever with this stupid new tactic of yours. Maybe next you can be like IMDB and have pop-up ads with unfindable close-buttons that move around all over the screen when you scroll up or down, getting in the way of the content you’re trying to access. Fuck you! Fuck you! Fuck you!

Adblock Plus peut-être?

Damn man, get ABP and be done with it already.

I hate the featured videos BS from YouTube. And especially the home page, jesus christ I hate YouTube’s home page.

There are ads? On the internet? hugs ABP

I’d like to borrow your vitriol and pour it on the way that YouTube tends to put playlists above actual videos in the search results these days, though.

Vitriol is 3.99 for a 16-oz bottle.

See, I thought this was gonna be about the iTunes (or whatever) banner popups on the video itself, shilling the soundtrack used in the vid. Sure, they can be closed on a single, trick-less click but GOD they’re annoying.

Argent, why don’t you have Ad-Block Plus? Seriously?

I haven’t seen an ad online in years.

Definitely get Adblock Plus. If you have ethical issues disabling ads, you don’t have to use the subscription service. It may take a bit of trial and error, but you can figure out how to block the youtube ad.

Anyways, I think there may be something wrong with your browser. I just went there with Adblock disabled, and I did not run into this bad layering issue. Are you using the latest version of your browser and of Flash?

Fuck fucking YouTube ads. Fuck YouTube’s intellectual property killbots.

Yesterday a guy whose music postings I greatly enjoyed was terminated and all 500+ of his posts yanked. Very rare old 78rpm era stuff I don’t expect to hear again.

Fuck companies who insist on total control of stuff that is so old it can never make them any money ever again, stuff that is actually in the public fucking domain in many civilized regions of the world, just because their lawyers piss their pants in fear of someone someday finding some loophole somewhere. Fuck them and their greasy little legal fuckbuddies right in the ear. Fuck 'em!

That, I can definitely get on board with.

Youtube burns through $1 million a day in bandwidth. What would be your solution to paying for that, among other expenses? Better yet, if you’re not happy with the ads, why don’t you start your own ad free video site?

I would be absolutely fine with the ad if it didn’t block the features that were built into the YouTube interface. As Sgt. Howie from The Wicker Man said, you can wrap it up any way you like, but that is simply not necessary.