Fucked up parents in Waco


I am embarrassed that this has happened in the state I call home.



That seems more than a little fucked up to me. YMMV.

I hate when people bitch about Planned Parenthood. When I was poor it was the only kind of health care I could get. Same with many other women. Aargh.



This is the quote that kills me:

It embarrassed her to look at it with her husband? The poor shlub was probably hoping to god that the uptight, sexless bitch would get some ideas from it and actually participate during sex, rather than just lying there, so that he could maybe just once feel like he was fucking something other than a hunk of raw liver. Ms. Donaldson most likely masturbates to the book during the day while watching “Young and The Restless”, while hubby is off drumming up membership for the New Branch Davidian cult.

What a bunch of dinkwads.

They might be “dinkwads”, but I actually think their reactions are much more reasonable than most of the flame-worthy reactions that could have occurred. They simply removed their kids from something they disagreed with. They didn’t try to force their beliefs on everyone else, or pass legislation or anything. They simply did what I wish more people would do: acted in accordance with their own beliefs, without trying to trample those of others.

I may disagree with their beliefs, but as long as they’re keeping them to themselves and theirs, it’s not major skin off my back.

I, for one, am happy to learn that Bush isn’t the biggest nutjob from Crawford, Tx.

I was born and raised in Waco. I don’t live there anymore. Any questions?

(By the way, so was Steve Martin…)

Huh? Are Crawford and Waco the same place?

According to Mapquest, Crawford is about 15 miles west of Waco.

Well, they (**Spiff double checks and confirms that he is in the BBQ Pit) are both hemorrhoids on the sphincter-hole of the nation, so metaphorically speaking … yeah, they are the same place.

If only that were true at the start.

Although passive, radio advertising is still definitely a method of trying to force your beliefs on others. E-mailing, OTOH, is actively pushing your opinion onto people. But that part is neither here nor there, really – it looks like their attempted boycott has blown up right in their teensy-minded faces.

The real tragedy here is this part:

You don’t want your kids having anything to do with Planned Parenthood? Fine…it’s absolutely your right not to to have your kids participate. But this kind of cave-in really burns me. The ironic thing is that the parents who would scream the loudest about this are the ones with kids that would benefit most from it. If you’re that hung up on your kids actually finding out about s-e-x, then you know their version of sex education is going be saying “don’t do it”. A nice sentiment, but a little lacking in realism.

I know a woman who once told me she would talk to her daughter about sex when she felt “the child was ready for it”. Her fifteen year-old daughter! Rude awakening alert coming…

Oh hell yeah. I, being an in-you-face person, would have gotten right in her face, and said; “Guess what. Your fifteen year old girl is sexual. She was sexual when she was fifteen months old and she’s sexual now. Do you think not talking about it is helping her with her sexuality? Would you hand her a cordless drill with no instruction booklet and ask her to build something?”

I don’t find some of the mothers reactions surprising at all. Girl Scouts were originally based on christian and patriotic values. I know this as a former Brownie, Girl Scout and leader for both of my daughters. It’s only more recently in its history that GS has become more politically correct. Here is a cite for when these changes occurred. To be fair, GS still carries the impression from their known history that they still are christian based.

The fact is, they aren’t any longer to the surprise of probably many. It shouldn’t shock any of you (who criticize these moms) that their christian values would be at odds with PP on some basic issues.

I heartily agree that Jr. Girl Scouts who are are in grades 3 through 6 do not need training PP provides on sexual matters, as noted in the article. THAT is reality.

Chefguy - you need to quite peeping into other people’s bedrooms. :eek:

Sixth graders don’t need to know anything about menstruation and sex?

I guess that’s why one of my friends works for a home for troubled kids and has recently had to take two twelve year-old girls to the hospital to deliver their babies.

Hell, even for me, explaining menstruation at 11 was two years too late. Lots of kids, by the time they’re 9 years old, have hit puberty, and by the time they’re 10 are doing things their parents think they don’t even know about yet.

They’re both in the Fundie Pisstian Republics of Jeeeebus Undergod, controlled by the Department of Kill All Faggots, Wetbacks and Niggers, right? So what’s the difference?

:rolleyes: :rolleyes: :rolleyes:

The best part about this silly boycott is that Girl Scout cookie sales actually went UP because a lot of people actually bought more cookies to “pick up the slack”, so to speak. Either that or they increased the amount of that sweet, sweet, heroin they bake into every bite of a Thin Mint.

"Some 400 to 700 fifth- through ninth-graders attend the half-day Nobody’s Fool conference in Waco each July. The program never mentions abortion, according to Planned Parenthood. The youngsters receive a book with chapters on homosexuality and masturbation, as well as illustrations of couples having sex, people examining their naked bodies and a boy putting on a condom. "

If some guy gave my fifth grade niece a book with a man putting rubber on his dick, he would be in the hospital. Just because a bunch of malignant leftwing cunts did it, doesn’t make it any more right. Period stuff is fine but teaching girls as young as fifth grade about diddling yourself, homosexuals, fucking, and rubbers without parental permission is a crock of shit. :mad:

I like the macaroons. :smiley:

Gee, what a great kid. I wish my child would take things I say as gospel. But then again, I wonder if that child actually was actually sat down and talked to about it, or whether it was a “Because I said SO!” type of deal.

Mom, dad, I’d like to thank you for not being FUCKING IDIOTS and teaching me about sex when I was 3, with “Where Did I Come From?” and then following it up in elementary school with pamphlets by Judy Blume and Ann Landers about my period and my parts. I’d also like to thank the various school programs and, yes, Girl Scout programs, that taught me about STDs, condoms, and pregnancy.

I’m glad Mom, you didn’t mind when I was reading Go Ask Alice in 4th grade, and when I was reading Our Bodies, Our Selves in middle school.

Period - 3rd grade
Masturbation - 6th grade (and before, but that’s when I really got serious)
Knew I was homosexual - All my life, but solidified 6th - 8th grade.

24 - Well adjusted, drug and disease-free, with a Masters Degree and a fantastic job as a librarian. And thinking kids have enough problems these days without their parents trying to create more. There’s a reason educators, the government, social organizations are interested in promoting good education at an early age. So the kids will have some sort of protection against their parents. :mad:

I agree, but to hard core pro-lifers, that’s like an Idi Amin supporter announcing, “HE’S NOT ALL GENOCIDE, FOLKS!”

I read the article. Not real sure why the Girl Scouts are sponsoring a field trip where sex ed is discussed anyway. That’s just kinda bizarre, IMO. What happened to learning real life skills like how to build campfires from tinder? You know, in case your gas fireplace runs out of fuel.

My daughter is in Girl Scouts. When she goes on a field trip, a permission slip is sent home along with an accompanying brochure. If the parents signed the permission slip without reading or understanding the agenda, then it’s their own fault that their kids were “exposed” to PP materials. However, if the leaders didn’t fully disclose what the agenda was to the parents, then they deserve to endure the wrath of the parents.

Um, where could I get a copy of this book?

Just to see firsthand what these mothers are complaining about, of course.