Fucknut Arpaio and more dog burning RO

Arizona’s darling sheriff. I’m so fucking sick of this guy. Here’s another tale of waaaay too much force being used to pick up some poor dude with a few traffic tickets.


That story was THREE years ago. Time to let it go, I suspect.

…and I got burned by a jerk friend of mine. Crud. Is it too late to beg for a merciful death?

I have no idea how I missed that “2004” on there.

Excuse me, I have to ask, why did you post a story that was three years old as news? I mean, the date is right there at the beginning of the article.

Well, death might by a little much. But we’ll see what the good sherrif will do with you. I hope you like pink. And bologna.

See above.

Looks like someone re-posted it on Fark this afternoon.

Arpaio is a self-promoting asshole, but this article is from 2004, so it’s pretty old news.

You got bologna? We would have killed for bologna!

2004? You don’t say?

That was funny.

Man, it’s like this is a thread that was a zombie when it was started.

If zombies mated and reproduced, their offspring might open a thread like this.


Yeah old news, but not a week goes by around here without Arpaio getting his ugly mug in the news for some reason or another. Personally, I think he’s corrupt as hell and belongs in his own tent city, but most of the sheep around here love his tough on crime stance enough to overlook his repeated abuses of power and public grandstanding.

Hey now.
Glory-hound? Check.
Possible sadist? Check.
Graduate of the GWB “It’s not wrong if I say it’s not wrong” School of Leadership? Check.
But corrupt? Belongs in prison? You’re gonna have to back that one up.

Maybe he’s gotten some of his doggy karma back, by arresting the Chandler police officer who left his canine partner in the car to expire of excess heat.

Maybe not.

You guys know this article is from 2004, right? I demand an apology.

An’ it better be a damn good one!