Somebody actually is burning you dog (RO)

And it’s not funny at all.

WARNING: video of cute puppies with horrible burns…audio of whimpering

click if you must

Some rather half-assed speculation ensues about possible “gang initation” connections, and whether it’s more than one person because it’s spread out across the metro area. Yeah, it’s definitely several perpetrators, unless it’s one who can drive. :dubious:

Guess where?

Atlanta, the epicenter of Michael Vick admirers. Hrmmmm.

Several of the dogs involved look like pit bull mixes to me, but that may simply be a function of the distribution of breeds in the area.

I don’t really have anything to add except that people really, really suck sometimes.


Never enough animal ro for my tastes.

RO? Hardly. My outrage has reached the professional level for sub-human clods of amphibian shit that do these kinds of things. If I saw this happening, you’d be reading about my ass in the papers. Fate never sees fit to put people like this in front of me, mores the pity.

Your link takes me to a interview about a movie that I’m not interested in seeing. I couldn’t find the story. Can you give a better summary of what happened? I’m sure I’ll be very angry and heartbroken, so I don’t really need a video.

Sorry, there’s an advertisement you have to sit through before the news item starts.

PAWS animal shelter reports that puppies and dogs have been turning up in the Atlanta area that appear to have been burned by someone pouring flammable liquid onto their backs. First one was found in July; iirc, they’ve found roughly a half-dozen. The “reason” for the abuse, and the identity of the perpetrator(s), are unknown. Officials worry it’s the start of a trend.