Sir? The dog... that's not supposed to go there.

Apparently somewhere a couple of signs are needed. Those signs need to read thusly:

Please don’t
the PitBull
Please don’t
in the PitBull’s ass


A pit bull/boxer mix? I’m surprised the guy is still alive.

Oh, come on. The dog was asking for it! Strutting around naked and wagging her tail? Slut.

So are you planning to tatoo this on the pitbulls arse or what?

I guess there were no sheep around huh?


Well, now I have a conversation starter when we go to visit my honey’s cousin and her family - they live in Elburn.

“Say, did they catch that guy who - um… dahh, with the pitbull and the bottle and…hmm…”

Ok. Maybe I don’t have a conversation starter.

When asked if he was hurt (after all, this was a pitbull cross) Joyner replied “Of course I’m hurt…he never calls…”

I can see why no one has turned him in yet. Anyone who can sexually assault a pit bull and come away with all of their parts intact is not someone I’d want to mess with.

You forgot the necessary addendum to the sign: “If you’re going to put objects or body parts in the a Pit Bull’s ass, make sure it’s your own Pit Bull.”


Am I the only one who read this and thought “T-Shirt”, or sig-line?


I was gonna say “band name”

but we’re doing band names in that other thread, and I don’t want to overdo it so i decided not to. Just forget I ever said “band name” at all, okay?

I’ve known some onery sonuvabitches that open their beer bottles with their teeth, but never one that stuck it in his pitbull’s ass and gave it a twist.

Kinda makes me envision Dennis Quaid performing such a maneuver, then offering it to Chevy Chase (Clark Griswold) and saying “Beer?”

The guys in prison will give this guy a reeeall wide berth.

Could what he did be construed as a Pitting?

The first time in 2 weeks or more something has made me LOL on the SDMB.

She never calls. She . This was purely heterosexual interspecies sodomy. I mean it’s not like the guy’s a pervert of anything…
Speaking of which, I’m sure it will come out that the guy got the idea when he heard about legalized gay marriage :rolleyes: .

25+ hours, and not a single reference yet to “doggie style.”

I’m not sure whether to be shocked or pleased.

I especially liked this line: “I have not seen a case like this before,” she said.

I should think not.

…though they may nickname him “Nick Nack Paddywhack.”


That’s just sick, and I hate myself for laughing like a loon.
Betcha once the putz is sent up for hard time he doesn’t find himself a candidate for Cell Dogs. *

  • Being a nerd, it’s one show I rarely miss. Those badasses belong behind bars, but cherish their pups.