Man sets fire to own house, then murders two firefighters.

Forgive me if there is a thread on this already, but I don’t see it.

What a total loser. Guy isn’t satisfied to kill himself, but murders two firefighters who were working Christmas Eve.

One firefighter was 19 years old. :frowning:

Guys note said he loved killing people.

He also killed his grandmother, and served time for it.

I go back and forth about the death penalty. But 19 years for killing your grandmother with a hammer? No way anyone like that should ever step foot outside of a prison.

Pit thread:

Unfortunately that pit thread is more of a gun pitting. I think the culprit deserves a separate and vicious pitting just for him.

Firefighters should carry guns. Problem solved.

And the best part for the media is he used a Bushmaster AR-15. You know - like the one in Connecticut.

They are just peeing themselves with delight and so eager to make it known. I promise you that 3 drunks with Fords killed someone yesterday in America. I’ll await the outrage from CNN.
Killed grandma with a hammer, and someone decided he’s good to go. How’s that kind of shit working out for us?

New Yotk has an assault weapons ban. So either it was an already illegal weapon or it was a version that is not illegal under an assault weapons ban.

When hammers are outlawed . . .

When they ban hammers, what will our very own SDMB mods use for their banhammer?

He was 30 years old when he beat his grandmother to death with a hammer. He did 17 years for that.
Plus, he may have killed his sister. (But, according to another report I read, he loved his mother.)
Some people are crazy. Some people are just plain evil. Kill defenseless people? Doesn’t matter why or how, you’re done like burnt toast the first time around.

His mother and sister let him move back home after he got out of prison for killing grandma?

Sorry, but you don’t come back home after that.

And when arriving on the scene of a fire, shoot all residents and bystanders on sight. It’s the only way to be sure.

I had a case where the mother drowned her baby in a bathtub. Her husband and family stood behind her in support. As far as I know he is still waiting for her to get out of prison. I don’t understand people.