Fuji apples

How good are these apples?!?

:Munch holds his arms out at widths’ ends:

Sooooo good!

… hmmm … <<asking self what the connection to Cafe Society is>>

<<idea: perhaps there is a discussion to be had here about apples in movies?>>

According to some guy who collected a listing of juggling in various movies Pee Wee juggled some apples during Big Top Pee Wee. Were they Fujis? Dunno… my money goes to Galas though.

Cafe Society is typically where recipes and other food-related threads are put, at least that’s been my understanding.

That’s the description. This would probably be placed better in MPSIMS, or if you’re wondering about apple preferences, perhaps IMHO.

Ah! Gotcha! So… any thoughts on whether those were Fuji’s in Big Top Pee Wee? And have you ever tried Galas? I used to be a big Fuji fan until I discovered Galas… Galas seem to have almost the same great crisp juicy flavor, but are a bit smaller on average, in my experience.

Yes, perhaps. But perhaps I’d rather just talk about how good fuji apples are, and not precision forum placing. I’m sure the mods are more than capable of moving this thread if the need arises.

Realhoops, I’ve done the galas. Pretty happy with them, especially considering that they come out about a month or two before the Fujis do. They’re much crisper, which is nice. But they’re too small. Fujis are enormous, plus, they’re incredibly juicy.

I’m a fan of Macintosh or Rome.Less so of Delicious (an oxymoron to me)

Would Galas or Fujis suit me?

I love Fujis. They’re so crisp and juicy! I always have to keep a napkin handy.

I’m very sorry that the local orchards dont’ grow them. I can get Macs, Macouns, and Romes all I want, but Fujis I have to get at the grocery store. It’s funny, but when I lived down in Mississippi the grocery store had Fuji apples year-round, and now that I live in New York’s apple country again I can only find them at the grocer’s for about three weeks, when I suppose they’re in season.

Ah, Fuji’s are nice, but have you tried a Pink Lady? They are so sweet and crisp and yummy…

I second the opinion on Pink Ladies. I eat a lot of apples these days.

If you think Fujis are big, you should try out Mutsu apples. They are about the size of a large grapefruit and wonderful. However, because of the size, it is not advisable to have these with lunch, while it is advisable to have them AS lunch (or dinner for that matter).

Does anyone remember several few years back, when the first Fuji exports hit the market?

The original Fujis were grown only in one small area in Japan, literally under the sacred mountain of Fuji-yama. I remember how they cost $11 apiece. That’s not a typo. I mean literally eleven dollars for one apple.

Once the Fuji apple craze caught on, of course the cultivar began to be grown domestically and prices came down to the normal range. I noticed that American agribusiness leached much of the delectable sweetness and flavor out of the Fuji, leaving a blander product (but bigger and fatter than ever). The organic Fujis found at Fresh Fields/Whole Foods are still fairly good, for American-grown fruit.

Fujis and Pink Ladies make wonderful apple juice. I’m not a Delicious fan, and found that I’m also not crazy about juice from Delicious apples (no, that’s not a “duh” – I thought my dislike was mainly the somewhat mushy texture of Delicious).

I juiced some Granny Smith the other day. Taste was pretty good (a bit strange), but color was yecchy.

Anyone have a favorite juice apple to recommend?

McCouns, straight from the tree. Nothin’ better.

I find Fujis rather bland, as Jomo Mojo noted above. I mostly get Macs or Spartans, or Pink Ladies if they’re around, even Granny Smiths sometimes, but the best eating apple I’ve found is Cox’s Orange Pippin. The texture is a little softer than a Mac, but they’re wonderfully juicy and there’s no way to beat the flavour.

There’s an Apple Festival every fall in Vancouver that includes a tasting room with nearly a hundred varieties. Great fun!

Fujis are just about the sweetest ones out there. At least they used to be. The organic Fujis are still pretty sweet.

As for Delicious being mushy—the thing about Delicious is, they are only good in the month of October when the new crop is fresh off the trees. Then they live up to their name—perfectly crisp, juicy, and sweet. They don’t keep well, though.

The Delicious has had its reputation ruined by being over-promoted when it’s out of season. An out-of-season Red Delicious is a travesty. Mushy and bitter, yuck. The high astringency of the Red Delicious peel is a pleasant offset to its sweetness, but only when it’s at its peak.

Golden Delicious are not as excellent as Red at their peak, but they do have much longer staying power and can remain pretty good throughout most of the year.

Gala goes one better than both Red and Golden Delicious. Gala has the crispiness and sweetness of RD, plus the staying power of GD. Gala has to be my overall consistent favorite (along with organic Fuji).