Full House Trivia Question

On the god-awful TV show Full House, how exactly did the mom die?

Suicide. Just look who she was married to.

Took my response exactly.

And her spawn, no less. That middle child needed frequent beatings.

Perhaps Kimmy Gibbler ate her?

Anyone know the real answer?

I believe she died in childbirth with Michelle.

No, it was a car wreck.

I don’t know what’s sadder- that I was curious enough about Full House to ask the question, or that I got the answer in under 5 minutes.

As opposed to all these deep, philosophical Full House questions we NORMALLY get, complete with discussions of the ramifications of quantum physics and current economic policies?

Where’d we end up on that discussion of the use of Uncle Joey as a Christ figure?

Nono…Uncle Joey’s not the christ figure, Uncle Jessie is.

What’s incredible to me is that someone spent several hours of their life creating that page.

In all seriousness, the mother was killed by a drunk driver. They mention this several times over the course of the show.
Chris W

Whoops, yes it appears that she did die in a car accident. I think I just assumed that her death must have had something to do with the Olsen twins. My bad.

I heard they were driving. Mary Kate was steering and Ashley was working the brakes and gas pedal with her hands.