Was there ever a single funny joke on Full House?

Because I like to ask the relevant, hard hitting questions.

How rude!!

Sitcoms don’t have jokes, they have amusing situations.

I’m embarrassed to admit that I’ve seen this entire series numerous times, thanks to the wonders of baby-sitting and having younger nieces and nephews. I can recall exactly one time when I found the show even remotely amusing. Jesse’s teenage cousin(?) from Greece is visiting, and though various sitcom-esque shenanigans, he ends up “marrying” DJ. Danny is not pleased (dialogue paraphrased):

Cousin: What do you do for a living?
Danny: I’m a talk-show host.
Cousin: Someday, when you die, I will take your place.
Danny: . . . I will never die.

But the credit here goes to Bob Saget. It’s all in his delivery.

There was that time when Joey told Danny he had a tiny dick.

hardly any. i loved the hell out of this show back when it was part of the TGIF lineup, it was a friday night staple. it airs tvland or nick at nite or one of those now and sometimes i flick to it if nothing else is on, and i don’t think i’ve cracked a smile once. it’s just terrible. way too cutesy and saccharine for my taste.

The IQ Man where Joey and Jesse almost kiss when they pitch the commercial was pretty funny, but the show was in the late 80’s/early 90’s when things weren’t nearly as edgy and it was geared at 7-12 year olds. So as much as we all love it and have fond memories (and still watch the reruns from time to time) it really doesn’t stand the test of time. I can watch a few episodes here and there, but it’s not like I could marathon 20 episodes in a day no matter how bored I was.

Can anyone find this clip? I’d like to see it.

I can’t believed I found that that quickly. I should be ashamed. Here ya go, all cued up.

ETA, I should be more ashamed that I just watched the rest of it.

John Stamos’ hair? http://trueslant.com/johnsellers/files/2009/09/jesse.jpg

Do Uncle Jesse’s mullets count? He had them in all shapes and sizes.

There was that time that Stephanie called Kimmy Gibbler a whore.

I know I should be really enraged at you for having me watch the unfunniest clip of all time, but I forgive you because I laughed at Danny trying to sweep the Island. God have mercy on my ever loving soul, I laughed.


Trust me, I wish it was whore, but it isn’t.

Dammit, drastic quench! I knew I must be misunderstanding it somehow, but I didn’t care because it was so funny. Then you had to go and ruin it by explaining to me what I was missing.

I wasn’t a fan and only saw maybe one or two full episodes, but I caught one joke that I think was amusing. The chances of me describing it accurately are pretty slim.

John Stamos was being questioned by a police officer if he did something and presented with a picture of the suspect. Stamos claimed that it couldn’t have been him as the man in the picture had crooked sideburns.

It was such an absurd joke that I laughed. Marijuana may have been involved.

Here’s a question: Was there ever a single funny joke on Saved by the Bell??

I loved that show growing up and when I watch reruns it’s just BRUTAL

Yet when I watch reruns of Full House I find myself laughing quite a bit.

Maintaining the tradition of no jokes in a successful sitcom is the confounding mystery that is 2 Broke Girls.

It pains me to say it, but SBTB used the “stupid economic recovery” joke two years before The Simpsons did.

I wasn’t a regular, or even occasional, viewer of Full House but I randomly caught part of one episode in which the middle daughter tried to move a car, ended up crashing it through the living room wall.

[Slowly realizing what she’s done]: “I’m in the house… but I’m still in the car.”
Very mildly amusing. I’m not sure why I still remember it - certainly more valuable information could be occupying those brain cells instead.