Full screen view (need help fast)

I’m running the latest model of Windows 7 with Firefox as my browser. I pressed ‘F11’ to view a page in full screen mode and now I cannot exit full screen mode; I’ve lost all my toolbars, etc., etc.

How do I go from full screen view back to normal view?


Did you try pressing F11 again?

Always do the obvious first. Thanks.

I think I pressed every damn F key except F11.

I swear I get more stupid by the damn day; if these are the Golden Years, I’m in for a lot of trouble.


Did the toolbars not reappear when you moved the mouse back up to the top of the screen? That’s what they are supposed to do.

If they did appear, all you have to do is press the restore button. (the one between the _ button and the X button.

No, the tool bars were basically gone----that’s why I became panic stricken and sought help. I don’t see the button you are referring to even though I do see the tool bars now.

He is referring to the minimize/restore/exit buttons at the top-right of every window.