Fumble fingered terrorist

From CNN:

According to the Afghan Islamic Press, Abu Baseer al-Masri was killed when a grenade went off in his hands.
OK, these guys are stuffing envelopes full of anthrax bacteria?

“One… Two… Five!”
“Three sir”

Reminds me of an old redneck joke:

A redneck wanted to get a vasectomy, but couldn’t afford a real doctor. He approached the local horse doctor who tells him “Take an empty beer can, place a cherry bomb in it with the fuse sticking out, light the cherry bomb and count to 10”.

The redneck doesn’t see how this will work, but decides to give it a try. With the beer can and cherry bomb in his left hand he lights the cherry bomb with his right hand. Then he starts counting with the fingers of his right hand. “One, two, three, four, five . . .” and realizes he’s out of fingers, places the beer can between his legs and resumes counting with the fingers on his left hand “six, seven, eight, nine, ten” BLAM! Vasectomy accomplished.