Fun Facts:

The hobby of collecting match-related items, such as matchcovers and matchbox labels, is known as phillumeny.
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While the first party to summit Mt. McKinley was led by Hudson Stuck, an Episcopal Priest, the first man to the top was an Alaska Native (Koyukon} by the name of Walter Harper. His future was looking bright, and he was encouraged by Stuck to pursue a medical degree. Harper got married and he and his new bride left Alaska on the SS Princess Sophia with the goal to eventually end up in Philadelphia for school. The next day, the ship hit a reef and sank with all aboard.

According to the autopsy reports, Michael Jackson was bald when he died.

Another name for the zest of citrus fruits is the flavedo.

Only on US president has an entire Province named after him in another country: Rutherford B. Hayes. In Paraguay.

He also has a city named after him there.

If a child was the same age as Bart Simpson when the show premiered he would now be the same age as Homer.

There is already a thread like this in Game Threads, which in six years has accumulated 27,872 fun facts.

Right on. I didn’t think of this some much of a game as mundane and pointless. I’ll pop over there and see who is winning…
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Bart has been pretty consistently 10, but Homer has ranged in age from 36 to 42, with later seasons increasing the age. The show debuted in 1989, while the Tracey Ullman shorts were starting in 1987. So it depends on several factors.

Movingfinger’s Fun With Flags fun flag fact: The flag of the Philippine Republic is to be flown upside down when the PR is at war (Red on top instead of blue).

Something I happened to notice today.

The sitcom It’s a Living began in 1980. In its second season, two members of the original cast were removed from the show: Wendy Schaal and Susan Sullivan. The series went on to be a moderate success and lasted for six seasons.

Move ahead thirty-five years and only two cast members are still working actors: Wendy Schaal (American Dad) and Susan Sullivan (Castle).