Fun Things to Do in Atlanta

DanielWithrow and I are headed to Atlanta for DragonCon this weekend. I’m moderately psyched about the con, but–geek though I am–I’m not sure I can take three whole days of unmitigated fan-boy-ness. So I’m looking for suggestions on what to do when I need a little break from the Klingons and Stormtroopers. Any Georgia Dopers have advice?

If you’re into science centers, there’s always SciTrek.

Little Five Points is one of the cultural centers of town; a few blocks chock full of restaurants, interesting stores, and even more interesting people.

Underground is fun to go wander around in. Be sure to check out World of Coca Cola. Waaaaay TMI than you’ll ever need about Coke but fun.

Stone Mountain is fun. Anyone can walk up it, but you’ll see more wildlife, etc walking the path (specifically, the long one that winds through the forest) around the mountain.

Lenox/Phipps Plaza for mall activity and people watching.

6 Flags is only open the weekends, but that might work out.

Little Five Points is always wonderful. I go there just about every weekend. If you go there be sure to eat at Little Five Points Pizza. To get there take MARTA to the Inman Park / Reynoldstown station, turn right out of the turnstiles and walk through the park to Euclid Avenue, then make another right.

Centennial Park and the CNN Center are fun to just hang out around. Take MARTA to Dome / GWCC / CNN / Philips Arena station, the park is a block away.

DragonCon is in the Buckhead district, probably two or three miles from Lenox Square and Phipps Plaza. Do not, under any circumstances, see a movie at Lenox though…awful service and lousy popcorn. To get to Lenox take MARTA to Lenox Station. Phipps is across Peachtree Street and north a block.

Whoops, in Buckhead it’s Peachtree Road.


[hijack] I’m going to Atlanta this weekend, because my boyfriend just moved there to attend college. I was going to move there too this year to attend Spelman, but it was WAY too expensive. [/hijack]

Atlanta is full of cultural experiences, and one-way streets too! Watch out for that traffic! :slight_smile:


sing “Marching Through Georgia”. Loudly.

am I the only one who associates stone mtn with the KKK?

Of course not. I can’t count the times I’ve gone to a KKK rally with my family to spread a blanket on the grass and watch a laser light show on the side of a granite monolith.

If you go to DragonCon and feel that at any point you have to leave the “Con Area” (To include the Hyatt, the Marquis, and surrounding streets) then you obviously don’t deserve to go to DragonCon.

Oh my g-d, DC is about the most entertaining thing I’ve ever done in my entire life, and I was never without anything to do, see, play with, or anyone to meet, discuss, or argue with.

I suggest trading places with me so that I can go.

I unfortunately have to work.

Spelman is way too expensive now? Wow. When I went there (back in cough1988*cough), it was by far the cheapest of the colleges to which I’d been accepted. How things change…

As to the OP… for a shi-shi-poo-poo (far more expensive, far less interesting) version of Little 5 Points, you could check out Virginia Highlands…


Anti-Southern agendas aside, I went to Dragon Con years ago, and Cheetah 3 Gentlemen’s Club is just around the corner. We found it by accident. :slight_smile: It’s such a nice place, the dancers kissed us for tipping them.

Wow, the KKK did something around Stone Mountain 60 years ago?

So, following that logic, I guess you associate present day Germany with Nazis?

Contrary to HappyHeathen’s misguided post, Stone Mountain, Ga and particularly the attraction, Stone Mountain Park, are perfectly delightful examples of americana. It is not the KKK’s version of Stonehenge anymore than Washington D.C. is a monument to crime. Just don’t make any funny remarks about their robes and you’ll find them to be just like everybody else.

Thanks, Knowed Out, but I doubt I’ll be checking out any strip clubs. :wink:

To be fair, I think the only thing that many people outside of Georgia know about Stone Mountain is its connection with the Klan. I’ve been there, and it’s a lovely park, but before I visited, the Klan was my main association with the place. It’s not necessarily fair, but I don’t think you can associate it with anti-Southern prejudice.