Fun ways to annoy celebrities!

For Goldblum, I’d go with “Earth Girls Are Easy”, but that’s just a personal hangup of mine.

John Ratzenberger! Man, you were great in The Empire Strikes Back!

Hey Jason Alexander! Keeps the hot side hot and the cool side cool, right?

Oh, Michael Caine! Brilliant work in Blame it on Rio

I think it would be funny to give a celebrity MY autograph.

Having been recently inflicted with the video Showtime, I think he’d be amused.
If I wanted to be evil, I’d ask Mr. Shatner about his books, and what it’s like to be an author.

And Michelle Pfeiffer–Grease 2! Words simply cannot express! If any movie ever screamed out for a sequel…um…well…nevermind.

When I met Bridget Fonda, this is what happened:

Me: “Hi, I loved you in Point of No Return”.

BF: “Thank you so much”

Me: “I don’t want to freak you out, but you are going to win the Oscar for best supporting actress in 2006.”

BF: “How do you know?”

Me: “Whenever I touch someone I just immediately know things about that person, both past and future.”

BF: “Really? Come on…”

Me: “You don’t have to believe me, just remember this when it happens.”

BF: “Should I write this down?”

Me: “No need, you’ll never forget this conversation.”

Then I walked away. It was really really hard for me to keep a straight face for the whole thing.

For Elijah Wood I’d use The Faculty. I’ve heard that even he acknowledges that the movie sucked.

Sean Connery – Darby O’Gill and the Little People
Leonard Nimoy – The Brain Eaters
Clint Howard –
“Hey! You were Ben, in Gentle Ben, right?”
“Um, no, that was the bear…”
Arnold Schwarzenegger: Hercules in New York
Steven Spielber – Always
George Lucas – Howard the Duck (yeah, I know… it wasn’t that bad… but compared to the rest of his stuff???)

“Hey, you’re Burt Reynolds! So Burt, at your dinner theater, what’s better, the dinner or the theater?”

-Stuttering John to Burt Reynolds

“Hey, Chuck, you’re good friends with Ronald Reagan. Do you think he remembers you?”

-Stuttering John to Charlton Heston

I’m not a big Howard Stern fan, but the way Stuttering John left celebs with their chins on the floor was hilarious.

Nah, you really wanna piss of Elijah Wood, tell him how much you loved him in Harry Potter.

Sorry to nitpick but it was Dennis Quaid and Ringo had already done quite a few movies before Caveman (some of which were even more embarrassing than that one).

And yes, a pre-Cheers Shelley Long was in it.

I don’t know. I would think that if you really wanted to cheese off Michael Caine, you’d mention Jaws 4: The Revenge instead. (He missed picking up his Oscar for Hannah and Her Sisters because he had to be on location shooting this turkey.)

Yes, NDP, you’re right about Jaws 4. And since you reminded me of it, I checked Jaws 3-D and discovered that both Louis Gossett Jr., and Dennis Quaid have the distinction of having this little gem on their resumes.

Well, that what they get for trying to express themselves creatively.

When Charles Swindoll, a famous preacher, did the chapel at my college, some smarty-pants buddies and I went up to him after he got done, and one of them gave Swindoll his autograph. He accpeted it about is smoothly as you can. He’s not the type apparently to admit that it’s all just a big goof, and just laugh at people.

Then another guy asked if Swindoll knew his mother, “Because she listens to you on the radio.”

Shirley: “You know, this blizzard we just had isn’t just snow . . . It’s nature’s way of telling us to be more inward; to go within ourselves and do some deep searching.”

Eve: “Hon, it’s snow. It happens every year.”

[Shirley gives me a Dirty Look]

digs – I’m betting David Ogden Stiers would have been amused, and not upset at all.

There is only one thing he hates being recognized for, and that’s MAS*H. If you want to make him mad, just call him Winchester. His favorite thing is to have parents of little kids tell them that he’s one of his Disney characters, so that he can do the voice for them.

Check out this L.A. Times article in which he talks about one such encounter at DisneyWorld.

Stiers mentions in every interview I’ve seen how much he hates being recognized from MAS*H (which he refers to as “the green show” or “the army show”), and I’ve never seen him refer to any of his other projects with anything less than respect.

I wonder how many other actors enjoy being recognized for something other than their most well-known work. Tom Hanks certainly seems to like people remembering Bosom Buddies.

I do think that if you want to annoy a celebrity, you should recognize them as a different celebrity (or do the Elijah Wood/Harry Potter thing). I have heard a lot of actors complain about being recognized as someone else, although if the someone else is very talented, sometimes they consider it a compliment.

Spoilervirgin: There is a comedy bit they do on a local morning radio show, where this guy calls up people to do radio interviews, only he’s been given the wrong person to talk to. For example, he might call up Woody Harrelson, and ask a whole string of questions as if he was talking to Woody Nelson. He’ll completely ignore anything the interviewee says to set him straight.

Several years ago, Ivan Dixon owned a Radio station on Maui. I was aquainted with the program director and every time I won something stopped in to talk.
Then one afternoon I got intruduced to Ivan, who I thought was just a nice guy who sat at the front desk and said hi to my son. (He looked a lot older than the Hogan’s Heros guy)
So I said I loved you in Car Wash! Ivan chucked in an embarrased way.
Later the radio station played Car Wash. It wasn’t in their format and they never played it before or since.:dubious:

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I didn’t know there were people confusing Elijah Wood with Daniel Radcliffe. Gads. From a recent-ish Entertainment Weekly article, however, (if it’s to be believed) Elijah apparently hates to be referred to as a little boy or kid or basically anything referring to either his height or appearance that makes people think he’s 14 years old.

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