Fun Web sites

So whenever I’m bored at my job (I work in marketing), I take a mental break and visit Websites. These are always my go-tos:

The Superficial
Go Fug Yourself
Perez Hilton

But I’m starting to get tired of them! As you can see, I love celebrity news…any suggestions for other good sites I could visit? I need to add some new stuff to my repetoire to liven things up a bit.

Fun?. We ain’t got no fun(in General Questions). We don’t need no fun. I don’t have to show you any stinking fun.”


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samclem GQ moderator

I like Reddit and Digg personally. I just look at the links and try not to read the idiotic comments and such, but there is good stuff.

Stumbleupon is good time as well.

TV shows + movies and anime:
Onion news online:

I like to check out this little message board I found 5 or 6 years ago - :smiley:

haha, really, Bopotheoptimist?? Tell me more about this message board of which you speak!

Epimetheus…love The Onion!! I have read an article from them here or there, but that’ll be a good one to add to my daily viewing habits. Thanks much!

Fark. If it weren’t for the Dope, Farking would be my favorite pastime.

Really? What’s so cool about Fark?

Fark is either the best or the worst site in the world - a Schrodingers cat of a site. You could try Popbitch, but it’s Brit-centric, and having read it for 7 years I guess that it’s a bit dependant on familiarity. is another good celebrity news site.

I visit a LOT.

For gossip, I was going to add and I Don’t Like You in That Way, but I got beaten, so I will add Faded Youth:

Ah, heck, going Advanced…

Cute Overload
Wikipedia - Unusual Articles
Best of Craigslist

My wife’s a big celebrity gossip hound, and she loves TMZ, as well as Defamer.

BoingBoing every day. And the B3ta newsletter every friday.

I’m a big fan of Look At This and English Russia. They’re both rather eclectic link blogs, and usually have something fairly random and interesting whenever I check.

All celeb sites!

Wow, thanks for all the responses! I have great new sites to look at today during my lunch break! - especially for Gravekeeper’s posts.
Websnark & Banter Latte
GaijinSmash - Japanese people are strange

Lots of comic blogs:
Blockage Boy
Polite Dissent

I like lots of fun little gags, games, and videos. Very goofy.

I have to believe you already know about Something Awful:

I heartily recommend David Wong’s Pointless Waste of Time: If you have time, read John Dies at the End, his orginal work of fiction, which I think is brilliant and hilarious and creepy as hell all at once.

Then there’s, which features–what else? Silly drawings to match spam e-mail headings. My favorite is today is the best day.