Fun with anagrams

The following two names are anagrams of cities. I’ll be damned if I can figure them out. Anyone have any ideas?

Tomas L. Hilb
Angel E. Hide

If you want to cheat, there’s a very good online anagram engine at

I tried a couple of anagram engines. None seems to have place names in their data base. Easypeasy doesn’t either, I just checked it out. But thanks for the info, that’s a very good word site.

Another tip that I have sometimes found useful in solving anagrams is to write the letters around the circumference of an imaginary circle (all the same way up and equally spaced - like the numerals on a clock face) - this helps to de-emphasise the presented order.

Do you know whether those are American cities, from another country, or whether they may be from anywhere in the world?

I’m pretty sure they’re European, but not positive. I’m going to try that circle thing. That’s a pretty good idea.