Fun with Physics

I love games that make use of physics. They’re intuitive and they tend to be fun to just mess around with. So I’ve been having a lot of fun going through the List of Physics Games on FunMotion and there’s some surprisingly cool and fun games and toys here, many of which are completely free, and most of the rest of which are pretty cheap. A couple of them can be played online.

A few of my favourites include De Blob, Factory Pinball (where else can you play pinball using a ragdoll human, cow or giraffe for a ball?), Toybox (which is now free), and Zen Bondage. Toybox is great 'cos it works right on the desktop and is a totally mindless … well, box of toys.


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Please for give if this is a little bit of a side track but:
Years ago I used to watch a fairly young physics professor giving demonstrations of applied physics to a room full of students seated on bleachers in a large room. The grainy recording and clothing suggested it was made in the early '80’s or so. It used to appear on our PBS station but I can’t recall the name of the show, the professor or the school he taught at. Anyone remember this very interesting show? I recall one in which he put flour (IIRC) in water and when struck suddenly with force it became more like a plastic for an instant and did not splatter.

It is very much in keeping with the nature of what you refer to in the OP.
Again, if this becomes anything of a hijack I will stop it and open a thread for that purpose if you like.

That was probably corn starch and water; the mix is a non-newtonian fluid, it´s liquid on a rested state but gets thicker when a force is applied to it., like kneading, punching or sound waves.
It´s also called Oobleck

Yes. that’s the stuff exactly. The professor in this program made a fairly large bowl, had the students stand around it, and slammed both hands into the mix. Everyone recoiled expecting a splash but it was like play-dough for that instant and then more fluid.
I wish I knew the program name and might be able to find copies on VHS or, hopefully, DVD.
Thanks very much for the answer and the interesting link.

Hah! Perpetual motion! With magnets!! :smiley: Mindless? Yes. Fun? YESSSSSS!!!

Good, clean, mindless fun is the cornerstone of screwing the pooch at work – er … killing time at home, that is. On my own time, sir.