Fundraising request. ER services for two great dogs

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This is what I posted in the June mini-rants thread in the Pit last Tuesday:

*My niece became the mommy to a couple of golden retriever puppies about six years ago (well, a year apart). She’s always been into personal physical fitness, and was constantly going on runs and hikes with them; first in Pasadena, and more recently in Montrose.

She got home from work yesterday and found both of them in terrible condition; one was having seizures, and the other very sluggish. She took them to the ER vet near the LA Zoo, and stayed with them several hours, while the staff tried to stabilize them.

They had to spend the night in ICU. At 11p.m. the six-year old passed away.

My niece went back in the morning and got some time to cuddle with the five-year old for a while, but she deteriorated (my niece said something about how the dog is “still not clotting”), and about seven hours ago, she had to make the decision to say goodbye.
She’s absolutely devastated. I never got to meet her doggies, but she is my favorite niece, and Michaela’s favorite cousin, so things aren’t too cheerful over here, either.*

My niece has been working as a social worker in Los Angeles, taking care of abused and at-risk kids, for the past eight years. Lauren and Heidi were effectively social workers for her, providing her with emotional recharging after what were often (usually) stressful and draining days. Now they’re both gone, and on top of that, she has incurred some $6,000 in bills to cover the cost of this tragedy.

A friend has set up a crowdfunding page where her friends, her loved ones, and their communities can contribute toward getting this paid down. Here’s the link.

I’m pretty confident that the $6,000 goal will be met, and in addition to making a contribution of my own, I thought I’d invite the Angelenos, the esteemers-of-kaylasdad99’s-posts, and the dog lovers of the SDMB to join in the effort.

Thanks to all for your time and any assistance you care to give! :slight_smile:

Sounds like ibuprofen poisoning. Ibu will wreak terrible havoc on a dog’s system, often fatal and with irreparable damage even when they survive. And dogs just love the stuff - tastes yummy.

That may not be the case here, but people, PLEASE keep even a single dropped ibuprofen tab from getting to a dog, and never leave the bottle where they can get to it and knock or chew it open. It’s a horrible way to die.

Great sympathies to your niece. I just went through an expensive and terrifying medical emergency with my big boy Dane and know how bad it is, emotionally and financially.

The website says 69% of the money needed has been donated. That’s quite a response.

It does seem to be going well. Thanks again to all for your support and good wishes.

My niece’s vet bills have all come in now, and the fundraising goal has just jumped up a couple of thousand dollars. Also, following a pretty decent start, donations have tapered off a couple of weeks ago, so time for a bump, I guess.

66% of $8,000, now. That’s nearly to the first $6,000.

So sad that this happened to such lovely dogs.

There may be no way of proving it and holding the county responsible, but it turns out that the county parks department has been putting out poison in the underbrush and near the hiking trails to control the local vermin population. The particular poison they’ve been using causes death in just about exactly the way her dogs died.

And the trails were NOT marked with a warning. :mad:

Seems to be stalling at 66%.

I have to say an Oh, my! about the County Parks Department. It’s probably too late to determine at this point. But so sad to think about the possibility.

Somehow I missed this last month.

I’m so very sorry about your niece’s pups. It does indeed sound very much like some sort of rat (or other vermin) poisoning with what she said about the blood not clotting.