These are both comedy duos consisting of two women, one blonde & one brunette each. You may recognize the brunette of G&O from The Big Bang Theory or Scrubs; the brunette of TPG is Milana Vayntrub, lately notable as Lily Adams in AT&T commercials. Both are hiliarious,j though in different ways.

Here’s a some YouTube videos for both, spoiler-boxed because the G&O selections are REALLY not-safe -for-work:

[spoiler]Garfunkle & Oates:

“The Loophole” (aka “Fuck Me In the Ass Because I Love Jesus”

Live Prude Girls:

Let’s Talk About Something More Interesting: Matt Damon

“Let’s Talk About Something More Interesting: Bob Odenkirk”[/spoiler]

They’re all long, but worth watching. Enjoy!

I’ve never been able to get into Garfunkle and Oates. Just leaves me cold for some reason.

The Two Prude Girls are just so freaking hot I can’t take my eyes off them. Pretty funny too but I’ve only seen a few.

Both Vayntrub and Stevie (the blonde, whose surname I am blanking on) are absurdly hot…in other contexts. Stevie especially. But as TPG that is diminished because their characters are so fricking WEIRD. I’m not sure whether their guests are always in on the joke when the bits start, but it’s easy to imagine the guys (and Hannah Hart) saying “Sit between these two hot handsy girls! Cool!” but ultimately deciding, “Yeah, I don’t care if I ruin my chances of ever getting to second base with these chicks, I gotta go before they infect me with their madness.” :slight_smile:

Well, Garfunkel and Oates have made comedy more recently so I think I have to give the edge to them.

Riki Lind also showed up in an episode of the Big Bang Theory where she stalked Sheldon.

Unfortunately most of those they interviewed seem to be internet stars I’ve never heard of.

Stevie Nelson and Milana Vayntrub are more clearly playing characters on their videos. (Nitpick, but it’s Live Prude Girls not Two Prude Girls. I’m assuming it’s a take-off on Live Nude Girls, which you see in advertisements for strip clubs.) Riki Lindhome and Kate Micucci seem to be themselves performing songs in their videos. But I haven’t seen the Garfunkel and Oates TV series so they may play made-up versions of themselves in that.

In the G&O videos I linked to, the ladies are clearing playing characters. In “29/31”, they explicitly say “We are playing the same woman two years apart; I” (Kate) “am her at 29, while” (Riki) “is here at 31.”

And to answer my own question, G&O are almost painfully funny. Especially “29/31,” which should not be watched by those suffering respiratory ailments lest they injure themselves.

I’ve seen Riki nekkid, so my vote goes to G&O. I’m shallow that way.

eta: I’m shallow lots of ways, actually.

Since the question wasn’t “Which duo do you prefer overall” but “Which duo is funnier”, I must assume you mean that Riki looks funny naked. Is that what you meant? :wink:

G&O, because their name. And they’re funnier. And Kate Micucci is a hugely underrated talent. And her nickname may be “Tickle.” :wink: