Funniest Moments in Television(with clips)

I’ll nominate the classic segment on Whose Line is it Anyway with Richard Simmons as the guest.

See it here:

Richard Simmons is Gay

I’d actually nominate the clip from Arrested Development where the whole family does their “chicken dances”. I can’t find that, so I am posting the next best…just Gob and Lindsay.

Lindasy and Gob Chicken Dance

What are other funniest moments…the ones that absolutely kill you?

I’ve always been partial to the freaked out newscaster

I nominate Johnny Carson and Jack Webb doing the Copper Clappers Sketch.

I’ll add:

David Brent’s Dance(poor quality)


David Brent’s “Free Love”

Watch both until the end. “Free Love” was quiet on my computer. Turn the volume up!

Niles and the great ironing incident from a Velentines episode of Frasier always leaves me in stitches…

If someone could find me a clip of that, I would gladly link to it.

If this unfortunate clip from Catch Phrase doesn’t have you in stitches, you are not human.

I’ll add:

Crazy Whose Line Song Gone Wrong

I saw Lady Venom’s hilarious newscaster clip among other ‘bloopers’, one of which was this , where a wax cylinder unfortunately shatters in the hands of the man speaking about it. The comic timing is so perfect.

Robin Williams on “Whose Line”

Jason Priestley as color man for the figure skating on SNL

Chris Farley as Carnie Wilson on SNL, and in fact the whole free-range chicken charity song

Those guys dress as GWAR who tried out for American Idol