What made Drew Carey laugh so hard?

When Whose Line Is It Anyway? aired on ABC Family, they used a clip from the show as a promo which showed Drew laughing hysterically. At one point he gasps, “…so funny!..” and “Whoooo!” as he tries to catch his breath. I think he takes off his glasses to wipe his eyes. My question is: What or who made him laugh so uncontrollably? (I’m guessing it was Ryan, but it’s just a guess.)

I would guess it was Richard Simmons.

Here’s the clip

One of the top five funniest moments in TV history.

With nothing else to go on from the OP, I’d say it’s either Richard Simmons in “Moving Scenery” or the “Sound Effects” with the quacking elephants. The latter is the only time I’ve ever seen Drew laugh so hard that he fell out of his chair.


Aw…ya beat me to it.

Here’s the Thread discussion.


Actually, I believe he was laughing at the antics of two audience members who were participating in “Sound Effects.” Suffice to say that these two ladies weren’t playing by the rules, and that cracked Drew up.

What about Ryan breaking the desk as “Magnetic Carol Channing” during “Party Guests?” I seem to remember him cracking up pretty hard that time too.

Nah. I distinctly recall that Drew acted very concerned at that point. “Oh my God! Are you okay?” or words to that effect.

That would be the quacking elephants that I mentioned earlier. :slight_smile:

Yeah, but it could have been better. It was clear from the beginning what they were out to do. It would have been better if they had made it seem to simply arise from the situation. It seemed a little forced and distasteful.

Just like all the other “Moving Scenery” bits.

Yeah, this is the clip that came to my mind. I laughed myself sick and thought ol’ Drew was going to choke! :smiley:

I hadn’t seen this episode.

Richard seemed so much more flamboyant than I’m used to, though. I’ve never seen him on a late-night show or anything like that. I’ve only seen him on the morning or midday shows when he’s communing with fat ladies. You know where he asks them to tell their story (and it’s always real sad and pitiful), and he holds them while they cry (and usually cries with them), and offers them lots of sickeningly glurgy and maudlin moral support (and a free version of whatever weightloss dealie he’s hawking at the time)… That’s the Richard Simmons I’m used to.

A very funny clip – and Richard is definately a lot easier to take with the Whose Line guys than he is with the fat ladies.

The scene that the OP describes is definitely at the end of the quacking elephants. You can see the this clip and the Ryan versus the desk clip at http://www.auroramediaworks.com/kevinlcarvell/media-wliia.htm (the quacking elephants one is the 'Sound Effects with Ryan and Colin as cops).

I saw that one and it’s definitely the quacking episode. Watching Drew nearly pop a vein in his head is funnier than the actual bit.

I agree. He’s got a great sense of humor. On his Friar’s Roast show, they set him up in a big leather armchair nest to the podium and he just sat there laughing his ass off the whole time and it was so great. Something about Drew’s laughter just makes everything seem funnier.

For some reason I thought it was the show in which Wayne accidentally lifted the audience member’s skirt.

My wife and I watch this show most week nights.

Does anyone else think they should stop rotating people in and just use 5 people? I would use Wayne, Colin, Ryan, Greg, and Brad.

Greg and Brad are the only two “alternates” that are as good as the other three.

Yes! Yes! That was it – the quacking elephant! Oh, I laughed until my tummy hurt. Oh, oh, man. Man, Colin and Ryan are great together.

Is there ANYTHING you guys don’t know? Thanks, JeffB.