Funniest movie you've never heard of - Tip Toes

Has anyone seen or heard of this movie? I read about it on the other day and was wondering if anyone on the Dope has witnessed it. I had to read the article twice to actually put my brain around the fact that it’s an actual movie and not an April Fool’s joke.

Even if you’ve never heard of it, the article is hilarious and intriguing. Enjoy!!

Beat you by…(checks watch)…four minutes.

And DOB is a god.


That is indeed hilariously bad. :smiley:

Though the worst midget movie I’ve actually seen was The Terror of Tiny Town, where some bright spark had the idea of filming a “singing cowboy” movie with an all-midget cast.

Just as dreadful as you would imagine, only moreso. Like the similarly-horrible “Night of the Leapus” (killer rabbits), the mere discription of the plot is far funnier than the actual movie, which is in the “so bad it’s really, unenjoyably bad” category.

Sure, but the thing is “tToTT” didn’t star four fairly big name actors. They also didn’t take Gary Oldman and make him into a dwarf!

I only saw a little bit of “tToTT” late one night while flipping through channels - and it seemed very much to be a Rocky Horror “let’s make something really fucking bizarre” vibe. “Tip Toes” is a Sundance “Official Selection”!


I shoulda said more expressly that I’ve never actually seen “Tip Toes” - never heard of it 'till now. It may indeed be worse than tToTT.

I was just reading that thread, Merijeek, well played!

Seen it!

What isn’t clear in that link is that Oldman and McConaughey play twins.

Frequently I add a bunch of films with one actor that’s piqued my interest to my Netflix queue. TipToes showed up in a string of Gary Oldman’s work.

I’ve posted about it before. It’s dreadful, but for more reasons than outlined in Cracked. And after 90 minutes it stops abruptly. Doesn’t end, doesn’t resolve anything. It’s as if they ran out of film stock.

Everyone to whom I’ve described it laughs in my face (or now you, at your monitors) for having A) rented it and B) gutted it out to the entirely unsatisfactory ending.

This reminded me of a recent purchas for my collection called “the minis”. you look at the cover and see little people, basketball, and Dennis Rodman, and think to yourself “this has to be comedy gold!” right? WRONG! It was a serious mostly drama about a midget and his family issues with his son, his dream of playing basketball, and Dennis Rodman.

soo dissapointed.

If you’re interested to see this film, don’t waste your time on a trip to the video store or waiting for Netflix to deliver, as it is streamable from Crackle.

On second thought, don’t waste your time watching it online either. It is truly terrible.

Huh. I didn’t think it was that bad. We saw it because we think Gary Oldman is a god. It was weird, alright, but it held our interest all the way through. YMMV, I guess.