Funniest site of the hour

Okay. That was weird.

Best use of Shockwave since… uh… I dunno.

I can’t believe I spent more than 30 seconds at that page, I actually pulled up all 4 background dancers.

See? The fun never stops. Now try these:

Words fail me.

Fantastic, huh?

Yeah, nosepilot is excellent. Fantastic imagery and depth.

these people (the creators of nosepilot) have way too much time on thier hands

Thanks, Uniball! This is what the web was invented for, right? :slight_smile:

What do you mean, “invented”? Internet was discovered, just like gravity and television.

That Nosepilot site has got to have something to do with the National Film Board. Cool stuff… in a pleasantly disturbing sort of way.